Have I told you lately that I love you …

Have you ever stopped to think about how you speak about yourself and others? How you engage with yourself? It’s amazing how so many of us talk ourselves down and with each word spoken we cover up our truth, our authentic self.

We are all born ready to learn, eager to reach our true potential, to expand and become. In that moment of birth we are as pure as we can be and open to life and all it has to teach us. In our child like wonder we are curious, expansive, magnificent in our imagination and all we can achieve … ‘I want to fly to the moon’ ‘I want to find the end of the rainbow’ in those moments of innocence we can achieve anything. So when did we stop believing, what held us back?
Imagine a life where others thoughts words or deeds never affected us, imagine a time where the words of others that filtered through to our self served to lift us and inspire us to even greater thought.
As children we are like sponges, as we grow we absorb the opinions of others, listening to their words, feeling the emotions directed at us, others actions leaving an impression upon our viewpoint of life, experience the fingerprint we use to identify all of who we are.
Negative talk somehow manages to speak louder than any other voice we hear, and intentionally or not, we take to heart the negativity that we are surrounded with, becoming a victim to life and sooner or later the veil of ‘I’m not worthy’ begins to cover our sense of self, locking us away from all of who we are.
Take a moment to think about how you speak to yourself and others, especially to or around your children. Take a moment to listen to the language you use and respond too. Are you the example others need you to be? Are you the example YOU need you to be?
When we tell ourselves something enough we believe it, by allowing ourself to speak this way we also allow others the power to talk us down too, until one day we believe that is all we are and we begin to live the life we think we deserve.
Lift your words, change your mindset, heal your wounds. Fill your heart with positive words, actions and affirmations that lift you and connect you to feelings of joy and being worthy.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to grow and flourish, who nourish their own well being and nurture the well being of others.
Understand your Love Language, then begin to understand the language of others, and in doing so, help change your world and the world of those around you … word by word, action by action, feeling by feeling.
What did you do today to tell yourself you loved you?
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