Have You Got What It Takes?

Are you willing to challenge your self to change? To challenge your thought patterns, your beliefs about you and the world around you?  You can be given inspiration and motivation by the bucket full, but until you are ready to commit to you, to put down your excuses, your fears & doubts and pick up your courage, change will stay forever sat in your back pocket, waiting like the unfolded invitation to the best party that you’ve forgotten to RSVP too.

Change comes from your commitment to you.

So, are you? Are you ready to commit to following your dreams and picking up your passion? Are you ready to be the change your life needs? You are! Great, so now what are you going to do … ?

First start by realising you have a desire to create change, it doesn’t matter how big or small that change is … acknowledge it, take responsibility for it and gift your self a realistic set amount of time a day to making it happen. Think big, start small, be consistent.

Get up early, turn off the TV, let the chores wait, put up a do not disturb sign, however you decide to make that time, prioritise that time and dedicate it to you … just you, and commit to creating your change.

Download Creating Change worksheet.