Hello world!

A new venture is both nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. All the plans that have been safely sat inside the comfort and confines of your own mind, perhaps talked about with friends and mentors, are now being exposed to the elements of ego, fear and self doubt. Yet the excitement of finally seeing your passion, your dream turning into your reality and the buzz of taking action, is the turning point of living your dreams. However large or small that action may be, as you ride that crest and you push yourself out of your comfort zone into the wilderness of the unknown, you commit to taking those first steps to following your heart.

So, where do you start that journey and how do I introduce my own dream to the world …?

Well, I’m doing it here, with this first journal, and as I stare at the page in front of me wondering what words I need to find, I ask myself this ‘what do you want to say to the world?’ and I smile, as I have so much I want to share … I just don’t know where to begin.

I’m a big believer in encouraging people to find their ‘why’, so I guess that makes it the perfect place for me to start.


I believe everyone has a dream to fulfill, a passion to ignite, a love to share. I believe that the biggest thing we search for, one way or another, is happiness, in all aspects of our lives. I believe that when we stop being a victim to our experiences and take responsibility for our choices, we can create positive change within and find lasting happiness.

Whilst our experiences in life aren’t necessarily shared, we do understand how it feels to share the same emotions. Joy, love and happiness are the ultimate emotions that we all seek to share, but what do we do when we feel hopelessness, doubt, loss, anger, fatigue, overwhelm, anxiousness, shame, guilt and feel unworthy? How do we find our way to the life we know we deserve? Who do we turn to for help? Where do we seek that inspiration that can help us take that first step to happiness?

We all know how it feels to be out of control, desperate, stressed, negative, you know the emotions I’m talking about, and the many other emotions I’ve not expressed. I know the effects those emotions have had in my life and on my life. I’ve faced many challenges both personally and in business and have learnt, and will continue to learn, to see beyond the experience, using it as an opportunity to grow. I understand how it feels to face and overcome your greatest fears and doubts, to bring about positive change, and I’ve learnt that the answers to our biggest questions must first be found within.

I also know that in doing so and accepting all of who I am, by not anchoring myself in the past, I have found my authentic self and my reason for being, and in that understanding have experienced the magic of life and all it has to hold by creating creativity, leading to those lasting feelings of love, joy, bliss … happiness.


What makes me my most happy is when I am helping others to think outside their box, tap into their unknown, resonate with their creativity, find calm in their chaos … think. Think about life, the part they play in it and their reason to be. Embrace challenges to find solutions, taking action, believing in others, believing in their dreams and their right to find and follow them … no matter what they are.

I love to find the beauty in the broken, the light in the dark, the pleasure that comes from learning the lessons life’s pain brought to us, to understand, to love, to think deeper and greater and share those thoughts, to know the boundaries and move them, stretch them and achieve beyond them, to be limitless, to look back and see how far up the mountain you are, to fly with life and dance with your dreams … to live.

I strive to inspire others to seek enlightenment and empowerment through creative thinking on all levels, to follow their dreams and create positive change in their world, producing a ripple of creativity which will ignite that passion in others to find true happiness and value in all of who we are.

So there it is, my first step to following my dreams, achieving my goals, creating my change … inspiring my passion to empower my soul and create creativity … whats your first step?