Hope Faith Love

Hope. Faith. Love

When we take those first steps to following our creative dreams we are filled with passion, excitement and belief and the nerves fuel our excitement.

Things start falling into place, the natural path opens up and we roll with one opportunity after another.

Then the pace slows down within us, we find our ‘norm’ and the real work begins.

At times this can feel underwhelming, uninspiring, un-motivating and that little hole of darkness that we’ve not taken notice of can soon begin to gape.

Our ego has room to take over, bringing with it our limited beliefs, the smallness of ourselves, the imposter syndrome and our saboteur, anchoring us in mediocre work and the lie that ‘OK’ can often bring.

We begin to doubt what we are doing, we stop believing in who we are and our why, and as we turn away from the lightness of ourselves, we are greeted with our own darkness.

Learning to understand when our ego is present and how it gets in our own way is vital to our creative growth.

Understanding the different aspects of ourselves, how they impact us as creators, when they show up and the steps we must take to become leaders of our own lives is the key to getting out of those lulls we often find ourselves in, learning to maintain and grow from our empowered state is another journey in itself.

And it is a journey- there is no magic wand, no short cut, there is only the way.

The way will take you on the highs and the lows, each of equal importance- the lows show you your next lessons, they are indicators that there is something here for you to learn … if only you listen.

The highs are the spirit, the truth of who you are breaking free from the binds of the ego, soaring freely in all your possibilities, show you the way, celebrating your aliveness.

The plateaus are the resting of growth, it’s where you begin to find the comfort of what you now know, the newness of you becomes the next layer of learning bringing with it a new set of challenges so you can deeper understand and embrace your light.

At times the journey can become tiring, the ego, an eclipse blocking out the light of your inner sun. On those days, keep your faith, your hope and your love close, they are the inner whisper, always there to remind you of the truth of you.

The inner tools of your light … reminding you that it is always shining… even in the shadows xxx