Are you listening ?

Your intuition is a gift how are you honoring it everyday?

How often do you listen to your intuition … how often are you ignoring it.

Our intuition is one of our greatest assets – it’s our inner voice that shines a much needed light as we navigate our way,

When we are connected, trust and listen to our intuition we get where we need to go faster.

Some of the most challenging times I’ve faced have been because I haven’t listened to my intuition, and when I have listened to it, it’s guided me through some of my most challenging times.

It connects me deeper to the world around me, it keeps me on track with my purpose and is the biggest part of my creative process, keeping me focused on the person in front of me allowing me to serve and create the space that they need over what I think is needed.

In my photography it enabled me to see into the heart of my subjects and create work that resonated with my clients at a level that was meaningful, in my art it spoke the unspoken, connecting with others on a deeper level where there are no words.

It empowers us, realigns us to who we are, always serving our highest and best good.

Over centuries of conditioning we have forgotten our own power, disconnected from our magic – logic demands explanation, fear ridicules difference, closed minds shut down open ones, the list is endless.

When we disconnect from our intuition we allow seeds of doubt to creep in and keep us playing small, with our self, our dreams our creativity.

Creativity is our life source – it’s where we feel alive in our own magic, connected to something so much greater than our self – it is the expression of life itself and we the vessel that it wishes to express and explore itself through.

Life itself is an art form, gifting us the universe to paint our own canvas, tell our own story through the expression of our authentic creativity. We were born to create.

Our logic, through its desire to know all shuts us down to the space within us that is expansive and can connect to ourselves and others through a place of feeling, sensing, flowing, allowing us to become story tellers of life in our own unique way.

When we learn to find that space within ourselves, hear it, trust it and act upon it, create from it we open our self up to our innate power, the way we were always meant to be.

Intuition … Are you listening to yours?