Is it time to get out?

Is it time to get out?


Working for yourself takes discipline and a lot of self management.

But how many of us are over working? How often do you take a proper tea break? When was the last time you took an hour for lunch just for you?

Most of us made the decision to become self employed because we wanted more than a regular 9-5 could offer us, yet many of us are still caught up in that mindset, chained to our desks, overwhelmed by a list of todo’s, guilt, pressure and not enjoying the lifestyle we thought a creative business should offer us.

Topping up your internal inspiration pool is a must, it keeps you at the top of your creative game, connected to to your creative flow and creatively connected to your passion and ultimately your clients.

So how are you inspiring you?

With this gorgeous sunshine that’s gracing our days at the moment is it time to pack a bag, headphones, laptop and take your office mobile ?

Can you schedule in a work outdoors day ?

How can you fit in time to get outside and spend some much needed time with nature and reconnect?

You are at the heart of your business
… how will you inspire you?