Is it time to unsubscribe?

Is it time to unsubscribe?

I’m a big believer in doing something with purpose and doing something because it matters. Especially in today’s world where broken focus syndrome is one of the biggest the killers of our creativity.

My business is evolving and I’m coming to the point where I’m ready to share more and when 2020 approaches I’m going to be rolling out more content, tools and products to help you grow as an empowered and authentic creator. I want to do more of the work I love doing, making a difference empowering creatives to follow their dreams. It’s where I come alive and where I make the biggest difference to others.

You’ll notice over the last few weeks that I’ve been posting out regular posts and getting curious about what you’re reading and what I’m loving writing and sharing.

My biggest concern is that some of you may have subscribed to my website for all the wrong reasons and I just wanted to let you know that if you’ve signed up or joined any of my groups to focus on the DOING actions of being a creative … then I’m not for you.

Here’s what I mean by  DOING actions :

You want to know about Lighting. Composition. Editing. Posing. Anything gadget related. Traditional Photography Workshops. How to shoot like me.

Yes of course I could teach you, I’ve done the work, I know the stuff, BUT there are some amazing passionate trainers out there already doing this who specialize, come alive and are getting the results doing what they love.

And if that’s what you are looking for, before you unsubscribe I would absolutely love to recommend a few of my personal favorites to check out: (this is not a comprehensive list)

Lighting : Simon Burfoot, Steve Howdle, Deborah Selwood

Editing : Sarah Ferrara

Gadgets and Gear : Angela Nicholson

Mentoring and Qualifications : Desi Fontaine, Henk Van Kooten, Kevin Wilson

Wedding Photography Trainers: Scott Johnson, Simon John, Greg Moment, Marian Sterea, Kevin Wilson

Newborn Photography Trainers : Melanie East

Portrait Photography Trainers : Sarah Ferrara, Gary Hill, Paul Wilkinson

Boudoir Photography : Joanne Elizabeth

Inspiration : (and a great place to start when looking for authentic creators) Lisa Visser

*Although Lisa does not offer training her work is incredible and an absolute must see for any soulful creator

So what DO I do?

I come alive, get the results and do my best work when focusing on The BEING part of creativity.  What I know for sure from my 20 years experience of personal, spiritual and creative development and my 16 years at the forefront of the photographic industry as photographer, judge, mentor, qualification’s examiner, CEO and traveling the world speaking about, exploring and discovering creativity; is that the being part is where your biggest creative growth comes from that will take you and your creative business to its next level.


You are at the heart of your business and at the heart of your business is you.


I work on the mindset, heartset and soulset of you and your creativity and align that to your business. Yes what I’m doing is totally different to anything else out there in our industry. Yes, I’ve invested years of loving practice, training (as an artist, photographer, business coach and life coach) blood, sweat and tears to get here as well as the financial resources. Yes, it’s challenging. Yes, you need to come with an open mind. Yes, I’m not for everybody. Yes, what I do gets results. Yes, I absolutely love getting real, going deep and challenging you to be the best creative YOU can be. Yes, I share all my ‘secrets’ of how I became the creator I am, what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t do that by technique alone. It was the inner work that made the difference that took my life, art and career to a whole new level, and that’s where I excel showing others the way in the creative field.

Who are you as an authentic creator and what’s holding you back, it’s challenging, deep, uncomfortable, enlightening, liberating, empowering, purposeful, life changing … and it’s not for everyone.

I work with limiting beliefs, overwhelm, trauma, anxiety, creative block, procrastination, self worth, confidence, lack of self belief, creative recovery, people who are feeling lost, stuck, creators who are ready to reclaim their lives, passion and creativity, who are ready to grow.

Expanding your creative range, connecting with your intuition as a creative resource, why and how to use your feelings and all your senses as inspiration, creating deeper connections with your subjects so you can do more meaningful and creative work. Understanding your creative pace, the three levels of creativity, connecting to your inner creative and how to access your inner creative leadership team and be a soulful creator with confidence, clarity and direction.

I love the business side of being a creative as much as getting creative and focus on building a business with soul. It’s for creatives who are wanting to do meaningful work, create with purpose, know their value and stop underselling their work, creatives who want to impact their clients whilst making a living doing what they love. Creators who are following their passion but not enjoying the business side of being in business, who want confidence as a business owner so they can step up and out with clarity and direction, taking action in all the right places. I work with businesses who are just starting out and want to know where they are going and how and established businesses that feel lost.

I’ve helped creatives all over the world show up authentically in their lives, art and businesses. I work with photographers (it’s the home of my creativity, its where I grew up)  make-up artists, models, performers, musicians, artists, art directors, designers, coaches, leaders in education, I’m even working with an accountant, small business leaders who are soulful and have purpose, it’s a wonderful diverse range of people who all have a common goal – to break through what’s holding them back (even when they don’t know what that is) and take their next steps to reach their full potential doing what they love. We get out of our heads and into our hearts so we can peel back those layers of the ego, listen to our hearts, connect to our soul, and discover the power of you.

So if you’re interested in showing up in your world as an authentic creator, taking ownership of how you lead your life and business, discovering your full potential, challenging what’s holding you back and are committed to doing the work to becoming the version of you you KNOW is possible (even if you don’t believe it) I’d love you to stay. If you’re dipping your toe into this glorious journey, stay, if you’re curious stay, but I don’t want to be that person in your email box that you’ve signed up to because you feel you should, because you’re afraid of missing out, because I’m another distraction in this world where broken focus syndrome is pandemic.

I want to be that person who can help you grow, who can, and will take you to your next steps through my coaching, workshops, creative mastermind, online creatives space and retreats. (and yes I’ll be telling you all about them soon) I’m committed to the journey and I’m committed to your authentic creative growth and showing you another way, the way that may well be different to what you are used too, but the way that will help you get to where you want to go faster.

With this in mind, my subscription list is changing and I’d love to make sure you are in the right one

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I look forward to moving into 2020 with you, where business leaders are predicting that purpose, creativity and authenticity will matter even more to small creative businesses, and if you’re unsubscribing, thank you for sharing the road this far, good luck with all that you do and of course, keep creating x