I found my voice through photography, creating deeper connections to my Self and the world around me through authentic creativity. My years in photography were very much about creative recovery for me, both remembering and exploring who I was, in the fullest expression of myself.

Creativity was (and still is) a spiritual practice for me – as I explore(d) all of who I am through my creations. My creative growth comes hand in hand with my personal and spiritual development. Taking photographs, I saw and felt a part of me in every one of my images, be that a part of me I aspired to be, was exploring, that I was uncomfortable with, hiding, it didn’t really matter. I met my whole Self in my images – ego, heart, soul, spirit, they are all in there.

Photography was the tool that gave the The Visual Artist and The Dreamer in me space to be seen and heard – to explore my inner world and communicate that to the outside world. My most dominant creative style (there are five – The Dreamer, The Writer, The Scientist, The Performer, The Visual Artist) is The Dreamer, and The Visual Artist brought her alive and gave her space to be seen.

I found life’s magic here.

Authenticity does that, chips away at the plaster facade until the only thing thats left is who we are in all our beautiful mess. Authentic creativity is healing in motion, and, sitting on the otherside of that journey I love that I have a visual record of that. The more I chipped away my own barriers, walls, blocks, limiting beleifs, the more I revealed of my true Self, my essence, I both found and saved myself in those images. It was (and still is) this journey to authenticity, an incredible journey.

One thing I have learnt is that your magic is not found in the outside world … it’s found when you look within and open your whole Self up, when you reconnect to your essence and create from this space.

Life leaves us clues, and when we follow the trails of magic that creativity leaves as it flows from our soul, it shows us the way – one step at a time.


You are the one you’ve been looking for.


How are you being alive in your magic right now?

You are your own magic x