On The Otherside

I want to share this with you, for two reasons - 1: because it's a beautiful celebration of what's possible when we get out of our own way and 2: because if you are a heart centred creator who loves taking images, be that professional or as an amateur then here's something new for you.

It's called - Lost For Words

It's a beautiful way of exploring art from a new persepctive, when we get out of our heads and into our hearts and connect with art from this space. The ever inspiring Kathryn Chapman has developed a deep and unique approach to submitting photography for exhibition. Kathryn's belief is that all art matters, all art is valid and all responses are subjective; and, based on those beliefs, she put together a submission for an online exhibition curated to challenge the conventions of artistic judgement, removing the judging aspect to see what would happen.

What emerged was Felt Photographic, a process that invites panelists to feel the images, and make the selection process for the exhibition from this space. No scoring, no critique and no judgement, purely based on their emotional and somatic response to an image.

The panelists are all creatives in their own right, (you can find a series of interviews with some of the panelists on Kathryn's facebook page) with very few of them involved in photography and the results are really are quite wonderful. Scroll down her page and you will see the response from entrants too and how the whole process changed their own approach to what they are creating.

I encourage you to take a look, explore those images from that felt persepctive in you too. You will find on the website a number of enquiries for you left by Kathryn as she invites you to sit with an image longer, go deeper, connect and feel whats stirred up in you.

And it doesn't end there ... the exhibition is soon to be featured in Professional Photo Magazine.

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without celebrating Kathryn's journey and the road authentic creativity has taken her down. Kathryn has been committed to her creative growth and has been an incredible client to work with and witness grow. Everything Kathryn is creating now is a beautiful expression of her authentic creative voice, doing what she loves and learning to align that with her business and build a business with soul. This has been life changing for Kathryn.

The voice of her inner critic that tells her she's not good enough doesn't stop her anymore, those stories that once shaped her identity and the rules she created for herself, well, they don't have the power they once did. And, as for knowing what's possible ... She's moved from being a frustrated photographer filling her diary with mini shoots that were draining her of her passion and energy to earning more in one shoot than she was in a week, to developing a powerful process that helps women see themselves better that grabbed the attention of MIND. She's been interviewed by Rankin, developed deeply connected Freedom Shoots and Soul Centred Branding Shoots that are helping women to express themselves and their business through photography, and, as well as this incredible exhibition ... she's just booked tickets to Barbados where she is being flown out to photograph clients and take them on one of her powerful photographic experiences.

Kathryn has found her voice, stepped into her magic and is building a business with soul and it really is wonderful to witness her take to her own skies and fly.

If you would like to explore and expand who you are as an authentic creator and take the next steps of your own journey to authenticity,  learn how to align who you are being as an authentic creator with what you do in your business ... then I would love to here from you.

Because this is where I stand in my own magic ... helping you find yours.


Are you ready?