One Vision – Are You Ready

Inspiration is an important element that helps us progress. Inspired beings are more likely to achieve their goals with ease and evolve who they are and what they do. Inspiration comes from within, pulling you towards something that resonates in your heart.

Empowerment is an inner power, a strength that motivates us to take action and make powerful choices from a place of confidence and self belief. Our creativity flows, our positive mindset alters the perspective we make our choices from, enabling us to perform from the best version of ourselves in all areas of our lives.

Creativity is what differentiates us from another, it’s a way of living that is fulfilling, it’s our unique perspective, ideas, thoughts and imagination. Our creative voice, our authenticity is what separates us from the crowd.

As creative business owners it is crucial to our progression to keep inspired, empowered and creative. We are at the center of our worlds in every aspect of our lives, and are the heart of our art and our businesses.

2 sessions available 12 – 2pm & 3pm – 5pm

24th May 2018
One Vision Imaging

Herald Way, Coventry CV3 2NY

Only £19.00
This workshop focuses on three core areas

The Creator – awaken your dreams and the leader in you

Creative Voice – the value of knowing and aligning personal values and business values

Creativity – connect to your authenticity and discover the hidden picture within

Five reasons to attend this workshop:

Connect to your inner leader and the creative in you

Think bigger

Be inspired

Be authentic

Be a part of your own journey

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What People Say About This Workshop

It was like you pulled my head off, thrust your arm down my neck and removed that fuzzy knot of confusion, tenderly replacing it with clarity and direction. You inspired the whole class to find inspiration from within at the same time, I’ve never experienced this.

Khalile Siddiqui

Life Changing

Catherine Conner

I was blown away with the holistic impact you had on everyone in the room. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped like that before, emotionally or physically, it was an astonishing experience.


This was so different to anything I’ve ever attended. Everyone came away buzzing. Thank you for the love and energy you gave and for giving so much of yourself. You truly are an inspiration.