Peer Group Coaching

Peer Group Coaching


Last week I facilitated my first Peer Group Coaching session within my closed Facebook Group Creating Creativity. It’s a powerful experience that I’ve been facilitating for coaches over the last year and I really wanted to bring this experience into my creative community. What a truly wonderful experience it was too, a group of like minded women asking powerful questions and getting curious around the case-holders challenges in order to shine a light where it was needed, give pause for reflection to help each other grow.

It’s hard being out there on your own, doing it on your own, I know, I’m on that journey with you. There are days when it can feel so arrrrrrrgh, so overwhelming and all consuming. Peer group coaching is that safe space to be vulnerable, to share those challenges and frustrations without judgement, in confidence, be supported and honest with yourself and others, to be lovingly challenged and expand your viewpoint from the perspective of where you are stuck to a place of movement, to absorb, to ask powerful questions, to connect to your intuition, to give back, to receive, to be, to grow.

I’m facilitating these calls once a month and would love you to join us and be part of an empowering group of women who are supporting one another meeting those challenges head on and getting curious with them.

But most of all I’m inviting you to join us and know that whatever challenges you are facing right now, you’re not alone – there’s a group of amazing women who are ready to meet up once a month and support one another.

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Here’s some feedback from our first session.

What was the biggest value of our session?


Case holder :
For me personally it was everyone asking me questions that I find a struggle to answer. The session was a safe space and the emotional support was fantastic.


From others in the group :

Hearing that we have similar feelings.

The warmth and support from the others in the group – along with the anonymity which allows me to be truly honest with myself

Realisation that I am not alone in struggling with feeling worthy.

Connectivity. I’m not alone. Internal and external doors will open. Hope. Thank you Clare Louise et al.xx

It was an empowering experience to be surrounded by such supportive individuals in a safe space to explore vulnerability, emotion and self reflection.

Being supported by like-minded women in a safe space; helping someone who really needs support and feeling valued; learning and growing through listening to other people’s insights and reactions to the Case Holder; reaffirmation that we all have the same fears and anxieties and that we’re more similar than think we are.

Empower your soul