Quick question …



I can’t believe Friday has come round so quick!

I’m putting together a list of dates for workshops for 2019 and I’ve been asked if I can host one more Shooting With Soul workshop this year. I’m reaching out to see if anyone would be interested if I organised a winter styled workshop at the end of October beginning of November 2018?

I’ll be honest, I never expected the workshop to have the impact that it has on creatives. The feedback has been incredible.

Whilst you get the opportunity to create some wonderful images and work with some beautiful costumes, MUA’s and Models, the workshop is about so much more than photography. It’s about challenging your creativity and your limiting beliefs, connecting deeper to your passion, the creative leader in you and unlocking your potential.

The more I do the workshop and see the impact it has, the more passionate I become to do more.

I know it feels a bit different to whats out there, something out of the norm … that’s because it is!

For those of you who are wondering if this type of workshop is for you and the real impact it has, I’ve shared Rebecca Suree’s review in another post for you, a delegate from the last workshop. You can also read it here.

Take a read of other delegates reviews too which you can find on my website. There’s a wonderful range of reviews from delegates who share their own personal reasons for coming along and the value they got out of the day too.

Fingers crossed you want to join me – I’m itching to do it all again!

Have a great weekend x