Sharing The Love

Sharing The Love


Yesterday was the first annual meet up with my cohort of coaches from my coaches training. Such a special day, marking the beginning of a life changing journey for us all.

We listened to one another and made time to be heard, to share our year. We honored the last 12 months – the low times and the high, we celebrated one another with gifts from the heart that had truth, depth and meaning, we called each other out in that same love when we saw one of us playing small, we showered each other with our authenticity and shone, each in our own space, each in our truth.

We learnt new things, sharing skills, experiences and perspectives.

We filled each other’s cup, and our own, just by being us, exactly as we are … it was incredible.

Nothing planned, sorting our agenda for the day by serving the needs of who was present in the room and how we showed up that day. We were creative, resourceful and whole.

Having that chance to look back over our shoulder and not only see for ourselves how far we’ve come, but have that journey acknowledged by others was incredibly powerful. I felt seen, heard, valued, appreciative of my own journey and grateful of the energy that fills me when baring witness to that same journey of those around me.

There was compassion, empathy, vulnerability, strength and so much more shared, recognized, embodied in such a small space of time, and yet that time was so much richer, fuller and fulfilling.

Surrounding yourself with authentic people who believe in you, who want to see you grow, who will show up fully to shine that light to gift you that time, space, strength, vulnerability, dignity and truth is such a life changing, empowering and enriching experience.

If I could wave a magic wand and gift you that magic of what I’ve found in this group it would be … Find your people, build your tribe, thrive. 💗

Life is too short to be with people who don’t deserve you, to be spent trying to please those who can not be pleased, to be around those who do not want to hear your voice or see your value, who want you to play small. It’s too short to waste your time worrying about what others think, to seek approval and permission to be. It’s too precious to measure yourself against people who want you to accept less, it’s too important to apologize for who you are, it’s too full of opportunities to keep blaming others and standing behind your excuses. It’s too beautiful to not live it from your own unique and special perspective, it’s too magnificent to keep standing in your own way. It’s too great to live it small through your own fear.

Life is yours for living, for experiencing, for getting curious with and have fun, for making mistakes, for falling down and picking yourself back up and dusting yourself off, for getting lost and finding your way, for learning, growing, for thriving, for loving … so go grab it with all your heart, all your dreams, fill it with passion and have a plan, tuck your fear in one pocket, self belief in the other, stand firm, put one foot in front of the other and begin.

And with the wind at your back, the sun on your face make your own path … and climb every mountain

…with love.


PS : We’re creating our own tribe … if you want to belong to a powerful group of women creatives who are stepping up and ready to discover their authentic voice, join my closed Facebook Group here, we’re working it out together day by day.