Shooting With Soul

Shooting With Soul

I wanted to write to you first to let you know all about this hands on workshop that I’ve put together with you in mind. After reading through your feedback in the questionnaire of your challenges and frustrations I’ve been thinking long and hard about how I help you connect deeper to your creativity. If I’m honest it’s the workshop that I’ve been wanting to create for 5 years and have been too afraid to take that leap because it’s different, because it’s not whats expected and doesn’t fit inside the box of traditional photography workshops (and yes, I’ve absolutely been standing in my own way!)

And then I realised that’s exactly the reason why I need to step up and do this, because it is different! So with a completely new perspective … I am now soooo excited to launch this workshop!

Numbers are small – I’m limiting this full day of creative inspiration and learning to only 4 photographers to ensure it’s as hands on as possible, and that I can give you all my all.  My creative team will be there to work with, Models, Make-up artists, Royal Shakespeare Costumes, all set at an amazing location with plenty of inspirational places to shoot. There’s lights and lighting experts on hand so you can grow your technical skills as well as your creative skills.


I’ve designed this day to be all about YOU, your CREATIVITY, to show you how and to teach you the tools to access and deepen your AUTHENTIC creative voice. To grow you to be more as a creator and discover the magic in you. I’m going to show you exactly how I connect to my creativity and share all I’ve learnt over the years and the skills I’ve used to deepen my art and sculpt the soul in my shoots, developing my authentic creative voice.


This inspiration day is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their creativity and grow. It’s also for anyone who is struggling to connect to their creativity or suffering with creative block.


I’m piloting this first workshop at an introductory price, so if its for you get in touch, book in now and take full advantage of this great opportunity – I’ve sold the first space too, which means there’s now only 3 spaces left.

If you can’t make it and want to be included on my next ‘Shooting With Soul’ workshop then get in touch and I’ll make sure you get to take advantage of this great introductory offer.



It’s time to discover the magic in you!

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