The Adventure

I want to take you on an adventure.

The Adventure of You.

The adventure of everything you never knew was possible and yet somehow, deep down inside you know is true.

I want to take you on an adventure.

A discovery of within.

Because everytime you explore more of who you are … life can let that in.

I want to take you on an adventure.

One that takes you deep down into your soul.

Because when you open up to all of who you are … it’s here you become healed and whole

Lifes greatest adventure is the one we take within ourselves – when we realise what we are capable of AND we takes the steps to make that happen is, it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences of being a creative.

BEING CREATIVE – we are always creating, even when we think we aren’t. We are creating our current reality – from the most dominant beliefs we have within us. If you think you’re not good enough and lack self belief then that belief system – no matter how great your concepts, creations, talent is, is always going to determine the outcome of your success. And on the filp side of that is when you do believe in you everything becomes possible.

DOING CREATIVE – If you don’t have a vision, direction and focus and the blueprint to put that vision into action then “going with the flow” is taking a chance, going with the flow becomes about not asking for what you want, going with the flow becomes the distraction of your potential. We’ve got to learn to go with the flow with purpose, passion and a plan – focus, clarity & direction … because it’s when you ground in that creative energy with intention that the magic happens.

It’s who we are being that impacts both our experience and creative expression in all areas of our lives, our art, our businesses and no amount of doing is going to take us to our next level if we haven’t gone to that next level within ourselves … it’s just going to add more layers of frustration and feed those dormant, dominant stories that our mind has programmed our beleif system into beleiving whats possible for us.

Can we have success with these limited beliefs and without that structure? Absolutely – I won almost 300 awards and travelled the world doing it.

Did I feel creatively fulfilled – like I was doing the work I was supposed to be doing, like I was fully showing up in all my magic … for a little bit yes, but it was always short lived. I always felt like I was searching for something, waiting for something big to happen, like something was missing and I couldn’t quite work out what that felt like, looked like, what I was supposed to DO with all this creativity that was surging through me – waiting for the next mentor to show me how to do that, to give me that break I needed, constantly striving and working really hard to go to the next level that I knew was in me but somehow could never attain.¬† Don’t get me wrong, I had some magical experiences that made me feel incredible, made me realise what was possible – the block was that I didn’t know how, I didn’t know how to align all this creative energy with what I was doing in an authentic, creative and fulfilling way. And I didn’t believe it was possible to do what I really wanted to do. I didn’t give myself permission because it didn’t exist, because that part of me that did believe it wasn’t my most dominant state. The most dominant state said you can’t bring this into existance, for a 1001 reasons.

And that just wasn’t true … because it was in existance … in me.

And … there wasn’t another person on the planet who was going to be able to give me that break until I could give it myself. Until I gave myself permission to say what do I really want to do with my life – who do I really want to be? How do I really want to show up as a creative – what do I want creativity to mean for me? How do I want to have impact?

Because here’s the thing – for so long we’ve been conditioned into believing that creativity isn’t to be taken seriously, it’s a hobby, we aren’t a serious business, we can’t make really good money and if we do it’s that one in a blue moon kind of client or that one in a blue moon kind of person who can make it happen – maybe we think about getting a proper job to support us because we are undercharging, undervaluing¬† so we can atleast do what we love. Or maybe because we do what everyone else is doing, because if everyone else is doing it – it must be right, and everytime we do that we reinforce the belief that we can’t trust our own vision, our own knowing, our own Self to have our own answers and know whats right for us, we reinforce the belief that creativity has to be a certain way, that it can only be ‘this way’ to be successful or accepted … and yet there we are admiring all the people at the top who are doing it their way and carving their own path … and doing everything possible to jump into their footsteps.

But what if there was another way?

What if there was your way?

What if you let go of all those stories that told you you weren’t good enough?

What is you let go of those beliefs that say this won’t work?

What if you trusted … in you?

What if you trusted that creativity has a path?

What if you got curious and explored what that path might be?

What if you stepped into your own flow and created your own vision and started taking intentional, courageous and empowered steps towards making that happen – what then?

Life leaves us clues and we can’t put them all together to find the missing piece of our own jigsaw if we are always looking outside of ourselves.

Who is creativity asking you to be?

What is creativity wanting to do?

This is the adventure of you.