The Conscious Creator Programme

Creativity is the spark that sets our dreams on fire.

Are you ready to unleash your creative potential?

I am running the third round of The Conscious Creator Programme, a 16 week in person online personal and creative development programme that explores your creative architecture.

We go deep into :

Creative Block – how you hold yourself back and shut off from your natural source of creativity.

Creative Recovery – find your voice, we explore who you are on the otherside of your fears blocks and limiting beliefs.

Creative Flow – reconnect to your authentic creative self with purpose.

We learn life long tools and strategies that have impact over and over again.

We access deep spaces to create from.

“It’s deep, it’s challenging – it’s life changing and it’s for anyone who is ready to step into their potential and make their dreams happen. It’s different to anything else out there. It’s step by step and each week you get to FEEL the impact and embody it. It’s reshaping futures and transforming lives” – those aren’t my words, they are the words of the ever growing tribe of women who are showing up and being the change they want and need in their worlds.

It’s not about learning a new skill you forget to put into practice … it’s about gaining insight and awareness so you can begin to create lasting transformational change.

And … It’s not for everyone.

It’s for creatives with heart and soul who are doing what they love and are ready to stretch and grow.

You might be feeling lost, facing a cross roads in your life, you might be feeling burnt out, fed up and feeling frustrated – you might know that you have so much more in you but don’t know how to access it.
You might be on fire in all areas of your life and are ready to uplevel, to find your version of more.

You might struggle with imposter syndrome, wounds from old trauma and shattered belief systems might currently be shaping your reality and impacting your future and you know somewhere deep inside of you that something needs to change  … you just don’t know what, how or even where to begin.

You might just feel, know, that this course is for you without really knowing why.

I believe every creative deserves to follow their dreams. I also believe the world needs more passionate creatives just like you to show up and make their dreams happen.

We’re starting next week and there’s just have two spaces left.

You can find out more here or email me here for more details. And if you can’t make this round, let me know that too and I’ll put you on the list – I’m running it again, and again, and again – why?
Because it works. Why? because it’s powerful. Why? Because Creativity matters, your dreams matter and because I’m tired of seeing talented, powerful creatives who aren’t realising their potential because for one reason or another they are holding themselves back. Because I want to create a better future for our children.

Because I remember what it felt like to be there, because I’m ready to leave my mark in the world … are you?

It all starts with you.