The Creatives Love Story

My Dearest Creativity,


When we first found each other, everything was so wonderful, magical even, we were invincible and it felt like we had the power to achieve anything.

Over the years we’ve faced many a block, challenge and setbacks, but I’ve never stopped believing in you, I know there is so much left for us to explore together, to grow together to DO together.

I want us to keep evolving – I love how you make me feel when we create new things together and I do things I never thought possible.


Love always your creator xxx




My Dearest Creator,


You have no idea just how much I’ve been wanting to hear you say those words. I remember the days when we used to create magic together!

Oh how we had fun!

But I miss you, you see, I’ll be honest, it feels like you’ve forgotten how to have fun with me. I can’t feel that passion we once had. You seem so bogged down in the everyday living, caught up in the busyness of being in business that you’ve forgotten how to really connect with me.

I ache when I see you playing down what we can do together, just you and I, it breaks my heart when you shrug off our possibilities and look around at what everyone else is doing for inspiration, totally undervaluing the magic you and I have.

And when you keep spending money on new toys, looking for that quick fix, I get so sad, it never really works does it, not long term, the buzz wears off and soon you start feeling frustrated and angry again. I want to cry because I know all you’ve ever really needed is already here inside you, I’m just waiting for you see me.

Then you lose your confidence, and somewhere you stopped believing in me and in you and all that we could achieve together, I got to admit, I get angry then, resentful even … I’m tired of thinking ‘is this it?’

Perhaps you’ll understand now why I get so frustrated when I see others out there having fun and constantly learning and growing together.

I’ve got to be honest I’m jealous watching the joy and success that comes as their authentic creative voice get louder and louder and I’m sat here, like a whisper that never gets heard. I’m so damned scared that you’ll disappear, that you will forget how to find me; that WE will never find that magic again and challenge where we are, grow and achieve our full potential. Can’t you hear me, can’t you feel me calling you?


Oh how I want to reconnect with you, deeper than ever before, I want to see that magic in your eyes and feel that passion in your soul as you and I lovingly create together.

I’ve found us some places where we can wake up together again like we used to when we first met, do you remember those late nights we would stay up together creating and then jumping out of bed together inspired to create? The laughter, the energy, the passion, everything just seemed to happen when you and I were together.

I want to hear that laughter, I want to feel that passion with you again, I miss you, I miss us.

Let’s find each other again



With love your creativity xxx




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