The Evolution

The question is not how can I be more creative … it’s how can I express myself more?

As creatives our evolution is a crucial part of our success and sense of creative fulfillment. It’s in that evolution that we stretch our edges and grow … and in that expansion that we get to learn more about who we are as an authentic creator. It’s where we get to experience more of what’s possible for us and where we get to move from surviving into thriving … and to do all of that we get to let go of what’s holding us back.

Our creative expression is an expansion of our creative heart, soul, spirit and we can feel really vulnerable when we begin to start something new, create in a new way, express ourselves in a new way and put it out there for the world to see.

As human beings we are hard wired for comfort – we have an internal alarm that goes off everytime we are about to step out of our comfort zone. Our nervous system. Once those alarm bells start ringing the head can often take over with all the stories of why we shouldn’t, and when we get caught up in the mind spiral the old programming of the beliefs from way back when raise their ugly head … and when we are in our head creativity is dead. Replaced by judgement and the fear of being judged and all the mind stories and old memories that are attached to that, the I’m not good enoughs show up, the wanting our creations to be perfect can take over, the fear of our creations not being liked matters and what we are creating becomes very much about the head and not the heart.

And yet its in the heart where our creations mean more to us isn’t it. When we connect to them and really feel them. When we flow with them, when we are passionate about them, when they matter.

Over the last 8 months or so I’ve been expanding my own creative range exploring how I can express my authentic creative self more and going deeper into my Performer Creative Style. I can tell you now, it’s the one I love the most and struggle with the most!

The Performer in me is has so much she wants to say, express, share. I’ve held her back over the years through fear, shame, judgement. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve certainly let her out to play, she’s in my images, she loves speaking, facilitating and over the years creating and presenting awards ceremonies to celebrate creativity. Yet there’s always been a part of The Performer in me that wanted to express more and last year I finally created the space within myself for her to have her own voice.

I’ve been recording visulisations as part of my programmes, putting sound to the words of The Writer in me and recently I’ve felt the call to start a podcast. If I think about it too much I feel sick, my head starts telling me all reasons why I shouldn’t. I want to hide. My own sabotuers are all over this right now – the usual Judge and perfectionist who are telling me it’s not good enough, to wait until it’s perfect, until I’m perfect, (think Oprah perfect and they will be happy!!!) that no-one will want to listen to it. Let me tell you creating this has really stretched my edges.

And yet I want to do it, play with it, feel into it, get it wrong to get it right. Get creative with it and find my own rythmn. So I’ve had to lean in, go in and move through my own blocks to step into my next level.

What I’ve learnt over the years is that if my sabotuers are playing up so much … then it means that what I’m doing matters, that I care about this existing in the world. That it’s an extension of my creative expression, it’s an expansion of my purpose, and there’s a vulnerability in that that I get to chose to embrace and say that it’s OK … because it is.

Because in order to be MORE creative – we’ve got to see past those fears, blocks and limiting beliefs and allow those creations in us space to unfurl, come to life, flow and grow.

We’ve got to say NO to the part of us that is asking us to play small … and say yes to the creations in us that are ready to emerge.

Because you, me, us – we are meant for more, more creative expression, more creative genius and more creative fulfillment.

You are meant for more.

You can listen to my podcast on Anchor here and Spotify here.