The Journey of an Authentic Creative

The Journey of an Authentic Creative

When you think of the word journey it is full of the rise and falls, the twists and turns, the getting lost and finding your way back, the pit stops, the car karaoke and the rows, the silences, the full blast music, the speeding up and slowing down. The frustration of getting stuck behind a tractor on the beautiful long and winding road ahead of you.

Then there’s the que’s at the airport, the heavy cases, the worry that we’ve packed too much and forgotten to pack what we might need, the perspective of the flight from the window seat as we look out at the wonder of nature and the world around us and think how lucky we are (especially if we had extra legroom) and then there’s the flight where we are wedged in between two strangers with misbehaving humans behind or in front of us.

The point is … it’s a double edged sword right? this journey of authentic creativity. Wherever we are going, our journey is very rarely in a straight line … so why do we expect our creative journey to be any different?

This life changing journey of following your dreams as you connect deeper to your authentic creativity will take you on those highs as much as it will the lows, it will have you singing from the roof tops and screaming in the shower. You’ll flow with tears of joy just as much as your eyes will stream with tears of fear, frustration and just plain old ‘arrrrrrrrrrghhhh fcuk it’ moments, with the evidence often shown in the big black lines of mascara running down your face!

The journey of a creative is not easy, until it is, and then it’s so effortless and meaningful you forget about the bumps in the road, the potholes, the swerves, the getting out the car and swearing you’ll never go down that road again … until you do.

So how do you keep going? How do you learn to travel well, as lightly as possible whilst having the ultimate experience?

The world is our mirror … our outer world reflecting back at us our inner world, gifting us beautiful opportunities to grow from … if we can just get out of our heads and start the process of deep listening.

Once we’ve gifted our self the silence our mind needs so we can listen to our inner wisdom those aha moments can flow, releasing stuck thoughts and feelings, creating space for new perspectives and creative flow.

Being stuck, feeling challenged, being in the frustration is a beautiful opportunity to grow, allowing our creativity to show up in this space can often be the acceleration we need, that push out of the mud.

If you’re feeling challenged right now, stuck in a rut, out of flow … trust that there is something incredible for you to learn in this perspective and a wonderful shift is coming.

To quote Jim Carey’s beautiful perspective ‘life happens for you’ … and the hardest bit of this I’ve had to learn is … even on the crap days.

Wherever you are in life right now, if life was happening for you, what would it be saying to you?

What is it asking you to see that you can not see already? What are you ignoring? Where do you need to turn up the volume and sing like no one is watching and where does the volume need turning down or off in your life?

You are on an incredible journey of creative aliveness … buckle up and let you flow 💗

Travel well and rest easy.


You are enough x