The Killer of Creativity

Judgement- the killer of creativity and the master of overthinking, self doubt, self loathing and lack of self belief.

Are you struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, imposter syndrome, starving artist syndrome? Sick and tired of thinking you’re not good enough – undervaluing your talent and not changing what you’re worth?

Maybe you’re ready to grow, evolve creatively but are feeling stuck doing work that doesn’t fulfill you and lack purpose, focus, clarity and direction … and are a fed up of running your business this way?

Or maybe you’re feeling like you can’t be bothered – you’ve just had enough and feel like pressing the fcuk it button?

Perhaps you’re tired of feeling like you have so much to give and are feeling frustrated, angry, resentful because you just can’t figure out how to get what’s inside of you out – express yourself authentically and be the creative business leader you know you are meant to be – long to be – set out to be. Know deep down inside you have the potential to be.

Next week I’m going to be going deep into why and how judgement is impacting you, your business, your authentic creative self – challenge your current way of thinking and creating and explore why it’s not your fault, how to deal with this systemic problem that’s unconsciously impacting 90% of passion-led business women and creative entrepreneurs.

You will be amazed at how and by how much this human conditioning is impacting your creativity and your business right now, it’s a silent killer as well as a well known tyrant.

It’s one of the biggest blocks I struggled with daily as a creative and business leader. It’s held me back in so many areas of my life and has been responsible for keeping me playing small with my talent and resenting my potential because “what’s the point …”

And when I figured out how to move through it – it unlocked everything.

You can buy all the best tools of your trade – you can learn all the skills you want – you can have THE most incredible talent and ‘appear’ to be as confident you like, faking it till you make it, but none of this matters if you can’t figure out how to move beyond being your own worst enemy, the suppressor of your potential and the killer of your own dreams.

Sounds drastic doesn’t it? Thing is we’ve become so conditioned into this way of being (I have some amazing studies to share with you that will blow your mind) that we’ve accepted that this is our normal, we don’t even notice it anymore – we’ve learnt to live with it and create around it.

And it’s just not right.


And it’s time to do something about it.

And, I will show you how and share the framework (the same one I’ve been using with my clients who are unlocking their potential and achieving incredible things) and so much more in my FREE five day coaching programme next week.

Join me every evening for one hour next week and you will learn :

How you are unconsciously limiting your potential and suppressing your creative voice

Exactly how you are getting in your own way right now and what to do about it

How to connect deeper to your creative self, find your voice and express this authentically creatively and in your business

How to lead from passion and turn that spark into a flame

What have you got to lose? (Other than everything that’s waiting to be unlocked if you don’t figure out how to move beyond this unconscious, conditioned suppression of self)


June 13th – 17th

7pm – 8pm BST


“It’s who you are being that matters”

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