The Nothingness


How often do we gift our Self the space that nothingness can bring?

It’s an odd one isn’t it?

The moment we feel nothing we start to panic, needing to fill in the void with something, anything, because doing something means we are being something.

We turn on the TV, music, call a friend, anything we can think of to fill our time rather than be with the nothing.

Its as if when there’s nothing here we feel like we are not enough, not being creative enough, not doing enough… not good enough.

If there is nothing here what am I supposed to be doing? How do I fill this space and what with and we busy ourselves working out how to fill the gap, and so the thoughts go on, and the feeling of dread, nerves, fear in the pit of the tummy deepens.

The blank sheet of paper, the empty canvas, blank mind…


No one thing.

Nothing is here.

Not even silence.

The void.




What if you sat with the nothingness ? Pushed your Self through uncomfortableness of nothing and came out the other side … what then?

What if the nothingness was the space for us to just breathe, switch off, refuel … reconnect?

What if the nothingness is where it all really happens?

What if we stopped trying to fill the space and just sat with it for as long as it takes, trusting that we are creating the space for our next creation will appear …

What if the nothingness was all just a part of the creative process?

I’m sitting with the nothingness …