The Path

The Path

Sometimes you’ve got to lose yourself to find your Self.

The path to authentic creativity is never ending and with each new shift that comes to move us towards our dream, our purpose, our creative call we must first lose the part of the old self that is holding us back.
It’s often painful, in those moments we can feel so far removed from being creative and motivated that we convince ourselves we are on the wrong path.

It’s OK to not feel creative and motivated ... it’s all part of the ebb and flow of authentic creativity... those blocks show us the way. Lean in.

Behind the lost is the found, after the storm comes the rainbow and the darkest night is always followed by the most glorious dawn.
So often we find ourselves fighting to hold on for fear of letting go.
What if we just surrender? What if we just allow the confusion and lean in to resistance?

Confusion is growth, there is no logic to creativity, it has its own path ... so stop trying to logically navigate every step of the path.
To get to where your creative call is pulling you, if you’re in the struggle know it’s just your next step letting you know that there’s no room for the baggage of the limited beliefs, perspectives and fears of the version of you who got you to here. In these times, know you are simply shedding the excess baggage that no longer serves you, that your heart, body and soul are ready to let go of it and that's OK ... it’s just the fragile ego of the mind that is holding on. So bring that self love, compassion and empathy on by the bucket load to counterbalance and calm the disruption of the fearful mind.

Over the last two weeks in The Conscious Creator Mastermind we’ve been shining a light on creative block and those parts of us that hold us back, recognising fear, shame, the I’m not good enough’s for what it is. We’ve been seeing our own patterns and becoming conscious of how we stand in our own way, getting to the root cause of how we block our authentic creative self from showing up more in our lives and recognising The Creative Self as a part of who we are as fully functioning human beings ... and not just some flight of fancy that we don’t deserve to take seriously, that’s ‘woo woo’ and ‘airy fairy mumbo jumbo’ that we have been conditioned into believing is a waste of time.

Leaning in to that resistance and doing this work is not easy, the truth is it's incredibly uncomfortable at times, and can challenge and stretch us in ways we weren’t expecting ... yet this is were the magic happens.

It is here where we become our own light and are able to see past our blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. On the other side of the frustration is the breakthrough, the light, the relief and release we have been searching for, the clarity and direction that takes us on to the next steps of our path. So lean in.

In The Conscious Creator Mastermind we've been understanding the science behind it all too and recognising ‘it’ (those fears, doubts and limiting beliefs) as a real thing, for what 'it' is ... just a part of the whole.

‘PART’ being the word, until we recognise ‘it’ for what it is, we will only ever see the part AS the whole.

So if you’re in the confusion, or stuck in the ‘part’ over the whole, if you’re in the struggle, know that it’s in here that you will find your gold, go deep ... and stay light.

You’ve got this

Travel well x