The Power Of Thanks

The Power Of Thanks


I don’t know about you, but I love receiving thank you’s, especially when they come out of the blue, somehow they mean so much more. I received this thank you this morning and it really landed. It had so much impact on me for a number of reasons. One, it’s been a while since I worked with Michele (almost a year ago) to see how the work we did together is impacting her life today is a beautiful reminder to me of why I do what I do. Two, it reaffirms to me how I’m in the right place and how I’m following my purpose. Three, and the reason I’m contacting you today, it’s inspired me to step up and be more, reach out and do more, connect more, change more.



I’m in love with what I do. I’m in love with watching people transform their lives and celebrating those changes. I’m in love with the process and the part I play in that transformation and I’m committed to showing up and doing my bit to connect as many other people as I can to their magic within, their full power and realise their dreams … doing what they love.

Why? I’ve been in that place where life felt stuck, where I knew there was more but wasn’t sure what that looked like or how to take that first step into the unknown. I’ve felt the anxiety and fear of overwhelm. I’ve defined myself by old wounds and the repeating stories they kept telling me. I’ve stood in my own way, felt the challenges and frustrations of what it feels like to be my own worst enemy. I’ve known I could do more and be more, even when I thought I was succeeding and everything was going well. I know those high’s and lows that come with momentary happiness, I’ve been tired of the struggle and I’ve been on my own journey, transformed my own life and am living on the other side.

So I know, I know without question what those words in Michele’s thank you feel like, the impact those feelings have on a life, on my life, and yours, and I want to unlock those feelings in as many people as I can.


The Inspired Bit

So, I’ve sat with the thank you this morning and asked myself … what ARE you going to do, right now, to reach out and do more, connect more, change more? And I decided to do this, because I’ve been waiting for the right time, and now is that time.

It’s my birthday this month, and I wanted to celebrate it this year doing more of what I love, giving back, paying forward, creating change. Michele’s thank you has inspired me to push myself out there and touch as many people as I can.


Making It Possible

So, I’m opening up my diary to those people who are ready to step up and make change, who are ready to see what’s holding them back and connect to what’s possible. For the whole of NOVEMBER I am inviting anyone whose ready to step into their possibility a 2 hour deep dive taster coaching session, and in return, I’m only going to ask you to pay what you think it was worth, I won’t tell you my fee’s, I won’t try to up-sell to you, I won’t follow up with an offer and if you think it was worth nothing … then pay nothing, what’s right for you is right with me.



Limited Sessions Available

Book Your Session Here


The Small Print

You will be sent a £0.00 invoice immediately after your session via email – if you’re making a payment please do it within the hour

You will be invited to say a few words about your experience so it can be shared with others

Only one session allowed per person

If you are interested in further coaching with Clare Louise it is your responsibility to ask

Share with someone you feel may benefit

Be true to yourself – show up to the session exactly as you are

Drop Michele a thank you on FB – she’s the reason I made this happen

Not For You?

Take some time today to reach out and say thank you to someone who has had an impact on your life … you have no idea the power of your words will have.