There’s No Time Like Now

“There’s no time like now … there’s no time like now” these are the words that have been spinning round and round in my mind as I have been stepping into my 2017 and taking the dreams I want to achieve with me. As I allow the feelings those words mean to flow through me, I feel that rush of light, a surge of inner power that ignites my passion, I let myself go and release my hopes and dreams to those around me and to the universe, and as I do so, I promise myself I will make ‘it’ happen.

As always, there are those gremlins chuntering in the corner of my mind ‘Are you really ready?’, ‘Are you really good enough?’ ‘Do you really have time?’, ‘Can you really commit yourself to following your dreams?’ and before I can submit to fear and doubt I ask myself the most important question of all … ‘What if I never make the time, never commit to following my dreams … what then?’

I remind myself its easy to find the excuses to never be ready, that life will always get in the way, it will even pull the rug from under your feet. I’m old enough to know now, more than ever, that I’ll never make the time if I don’t put it in my diary. Somewhere in the distance I can hear my Mothers voice getting louder and louder as she tells the teenage me ‘You’ll never know until you try’ … so hell yes! The time is absolutely right now!

It’s so easy to put your life in someone else’s hands, take that chance to see where it takes you. Isn’t it better to take control, hold the reigns and drive your life? It’s both exciting and scary at the same time, and having the courage to step up and step in to your dreams is no mean feat.

Passion is what fuels life, pushes your boundaries, feeds your dreams. Passion is everything we are here to explore, yet will always be put to the back burner if we allow life and all of its urgencies, fears, doubts and opinions to put it there.

“There’s no time like now … there’s no time like now” the voice inside calls me again from deep inside, and before I give myself a moment longer to push my passion away until tomorrow, I schedule that time my dreams need in my diary, put up the do not disturb sign and start to follow my dreams.

Life Lesson 127 … ‘your heart is lifes navigator … when it is happy, you are going the right way’