This is my message to you …

I want to talk about what happens when you step into your creative potential, when you bring more of that creative genius alive in you and give it permission to flow through everything you do. You get to make a difference here, you get to take what you are doing to a whole new level and feel alive, have purpose and find that sense of fulfilment we are looking for once we step into our potential. Everything shifts to a whole new level.

It doesn’t matter how we bring that creative potential into the world, what matters is that we do it with authenticity, in a way that matters to us … that we get to trust in what it means to be an authentic creator and show up from that space.

Take the Accountant who was desperate to be creative and live a more authentic life – who felt so lost and unfulfilled even though she ran a succesful business – when she finally gave herself permission to go all in and follow her dreams of being an artist she found herself, went back to colledge to do what she had always wanted to do and is now putting the final pieces together for her end of year art exhibition.

Or the Nurse who has a message to share, who wants to create change in her profession and finally figured out how to unlock her authentic creative voice and bring it into her work, releasing the writer in her, the part of her that longed to have a voice and flow and find purpose in a profession that she loves … and has just been awarded 2 scholarships for her Masters and is collaborating on a book, writing work that is making people listen to what she has to say.

Or the ex teacher who has a big dream to make a difference in the education system – to put right all that went wrong for her, who set up a FB group to help others who were struggling too – 67,000 members later, an invitation to radio 5 live to speak about what she’s making a stand for – she’s now working with her business partner and setting up a charity that is literally saving peoples lives … and those powers that be are pricking up their ears, hearing what she/they have to say.
Or the unfulfilled artist who wanted to give her creativity a purpose a deeper meaning and has published a book that is connecting generations of women together through art and conversation.

Or the frustrated photographer who wanted to help other women see themselves better – take them on a journey to find inner freedom through art and is being flown to the otherside of the world to create her magic.

Then there’s the most incredible woman who has been through so much and lacked self belief and through unlocking her creative potential and going on a deep journey of healing is now following her dream to train in counselling so she can give back and help others, make a difference … and shes doing it, showing up every day, unfurling her own wings and making her dream happen.

Or the phenominal woman who felt so lost she didn’t even know what she wanted – she couldn’t even give herself permission to dream, who has taken the journey of authentic creativity at her own pace, in her own time, who is changing the trajectory of her life – unbecoming everything she thought she was and becoming the art therapist she never knew she wanted to be … or once upon a time couldn’t even give herself permission to be.

Dreams, potential, authenticity, creativity come when we are ready, willing and able to move beyond the stories we tell ourselves and the rules we’ve set ourselves about who we are, what we have the potential to achieve and how we approach and utilise our creative potential.

We’ve been conditioned into believing that creativity has to be a certain way, that we can’t take it seriously enough, that it can’t have a meaningful purpose, that creativity has a ceiling, that there’s a limit to what we can achieve – that we have to give it away, that it’s not safe to follow an authentic creative path, that we have to follow all the shoulds and that’s absolutely not true.

We’ve ignored for too long how lack of self belief impacts us as creative women and holds us back, limiting our potential and that’s just not right. We’ve got to stop believing the lie we tell ourselves that it’s just who we are, that there is nothing we can do about it and we have to put up with it.

We’ve got to stop accepting that three’s nothing we can do about the chaos and franticness that comes with being a creative – that overwhelm, procrastination and anxiety is part of the creative path and we just have to live with it.

But most of all we’ve got to stop believing that if we do more of the doing actions and learn more skills and techniques we will be more creative and find creative fulfillment. We’ve got to shift our persepctive to who we are being … because whether you like it or not … it all starts with you.

I’m living proof of that … and these women are too.

Today I’m celebrating these women and the many, many more who have meet themselves where they are at, recognised that there is so much more for them than the limitations of their minds – their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs – that there is another way for them and are unlocking and activating their creative potential.

You are amazing

Keep following your dreams xxx