I woke up feeling inspired today. Which, given the fact that I’ve been feeling extreme exhaustion these last few weeks … it feels good.

I know I’m not the only one feeling like they’ve lost their mojo, their energy, and for someone who spends their life cultivating it – it’s certainly taken it’s toll.

I’m feeling a collective heaviness right now that seems to have risen up from out of nowhere. A tiredness like no other. A need and desire to retreat.

A lot of heart led creatives I’m talking too / working with / connected too are either in the thick of it or are feeling the undercurrent of it. There’s been a feeling of taking 10 steps back, the resurfacing of old ‘stuff’ – like the scraping of a barrel, uncertainty, questioning what we want, where we are going, why, what’s the point? Where’s the dream? And there’s been what feels like a disconnect – and it’s been a time of release and reflection for many.

A clearing on a deep level.

And so if there is a collective clearing then so too will there be collective growth. And the world needs that. Is ready for that, is calling for it too.

Growth is like that. Uncomfortable. The discomfort always comes as we stretch or make space. When we chose to step into our next level we have to leave behind what’s holding us back. We have to shed the old skin, lose the dead weight. Untangle ourselves from the identity we’ve created that limits our creative potential- the I’m not good enoughs, the old stories and stuck emotions that are weighing us down.

As we unbecome and untangle ourselves from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold us back, the old wounds that weigh us down it can feel sticky, challenging, scary, utterly exhausting even to unearth, release, step out of the confines of our own mind and trust … because regardless of where you are now …
your best work, your best business, your best life – if you are feeling the call for more and are ready for change and evolution, all of this is ahead of you, inside of you, for you. This is the creative revolution that is happening deep inside of you.

But how many of us actually TRUST? In ourselves, our next level, our potential, creativity and the possibilities of our dreams?

How do we TRUST in what we don’t know yet – how do we TRUST in the part of us we haven’t met yet, how do we TRUST in something that’s not there yet? How do we TRUST in the void of inbetween? How do we TRUST in something that can feel so messy and feel so hard at times – that in order for us to get over ‘there’ demands that we face the fears, frustrations, blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping us feeling stuck here? How do we trust we have what it takes when we feel so empty? How do we TRUST in something that has not happened yet where there is no certainty … yet? How do we TRUST in something that feels so big and we have no idea where to even begin?

And yet it’s the next level of those dreams that enable us to evolve as human beings, spiritual beings, creative beings – they are the very things that shape our experience of this life here on earth. They move us from surviving to thriving. From here to there. From existence to experience. They are what bring us a sense of fulfilment and contribution and for some, me included, they are our very reason for being.


Dreaming is the imaginations guide to all things possible.


Imagine a world without dreams? Imagine a world without creativity? It could not exist. Atleast not in the way we know it to be right now. Humanity would not have evolved the way it has. You would not have grown, achieved or experienced life in the way you do today.

Take the device you are reading this post from, it was, once upon a time, a spark, a thought, an idea in someone’s imagination that turned into a dream.

That dream had a life of its own that pulled the dreamer to take aligned action and turn that dream into reality. Creativity was how that dream came into existence. From innovation to invention, from invention to implementation and rolling out the creation and sharing it with the world.

And look at us now. Who knew when I was 17 that one day I was going to sit at home, type my thoughts into a gold pocket camera that I can make calls from and connect with people from all over the world that I do not even know, and share the ramblings of my mind, the expression of my heart and the vision of my soul … who knew – did you?

Someone else’s dream shaping your reality.

Someones imagination, dream and creativity has changed the way our world is today. Do you think that dreamer knew when the spark came that they would change the way we experience the world forever?

And so if someone else’s dream can shape your reality so much … imagine the power and impact of living your own?

And that’s it isn’t it – because with that imagination and creation comes TRUST. Trust to turn what was possible into what was probable and what was probable into the reality of the dream.

TRUST takes courage. Creativity takes courage and so does following our dreams.

And right now the world is demanding that the dreams rise, that creativity revolutionises and reconnects our world, that the change makers and dreamshapers bring into existence the reality of their own dreams … no matter how great or small … and it’s clearing space inside of you to bring the next level of your dreams into your reality.

If we embrace it our shadows become our potential, our fears our fuel, our limits our freedom, our rest our play, our darkness our light. Half sun, half moon, the ying and yang – the coming together of all parts of us so we can consciously create the reality of our dreams from a place of possibility, oppourtunity and abundance.

This clearing comes to bring a new way of being into the everyday. Make extraordinary the ordinary as we recognise and realise our potential. Because who was that dreamer before the dream?

And to do that we’ve got to meet ourselves where we’re at, sit a little bit longer in this space of in between and feel into TRUST.

Because what I know for sure is creativity has its own path. It knows it’s own way, it is the reality of the dream.

If you are wrestling with the dream right now, feeling disconnected and struggling with the uncertainty, AND you are willing to feel into trust, and what’s possible for your life, your creative practice, your business, your dream then join me in my private community THE CREATIVES SPACE on mighty networks or keep an eye out on your emails. I’m spending today creating something beautiful – an inspirational gift (and it is a gift no £’s needed) full of hints, tips, visualisations and resources to inspire and guide you through this … to feel into trust so you get to believe in YOU as you navigate the path of authentic creativity and unleash your next level of potential.

Because I believe we are on the cusp of something new, I believe we are meant for more, that the challenges we are currently facing is our next level calling.

Your dreams will only ever go as far as your limited self can take it.

Now really is the time to TRUST in you and all you are ready to create.

Because it really does all start with you.


With love xxx