Turning to Love

Each and every one of us will experience deep emotional pain at some point in our lives. We may not share the same experience to get us there, yet we are connected by the shared emotions of how our life experiences have left us feeling.

When we accept our own feelings, our own pain, we can make a conscious decision on how we deal with our hurt, rather than push our pain deep inside, allowing it to unconsciously dictate how we live in our world.

We can choose to take the positive steps to heal and in doing so help others on their journey; or we can choose a path that serves only to deepen our pain and keep us on that ever decreasing circle of love … until we are left with nothing, until we value no-one – not even ourselves. Whilst we keep projecting internal pain out into the world, it will continue to reflect that pain back at us.

When we turn away from love, the anger lingers, numbness settles in, bitterness takes hold and resentment and jealousy builds until it becomes second nature. On some level, we project our internal pain to all those we connect to without thinking. Without realising the effects we have on others, we are spreading the dis-ease from within, creating a vortex of negativity that is dispersed through our anger and knowingly, or unknowingly, we hurt those around us.

If instead we chose to turn towards love, fall into our pain instead of pushing it away and let the tears flow, if we accept all our emotions with compassion, understanding and kindness to ourselves, as well as those around us, we heal quicker, we learn from our experience and let go. We begin to take the steps we need to move forward, and whilst some pain will never leave us, if we connect to it with grace and gentleness, channel our hurt creatively, what the world reflects back at us is the empathy needed to move forward with Love.

A wise man once said ‘Be the change you want to see in this world’ … it all starts with you

With Love