Who want’s to create magic?

Who want’s to create Magic?

Last week I decided to commit to booking my next retreat, the first once in 3 years – and I am super charged to create something incredibly magical and transformational.

What I love about retreats is that they are such a potent space to just ‘be’ – to really gift our Creative Self time to reconnect, replenish, recharge, reflect, reimagine – to connect to what matters and go deeper with that, where we are going, what’s getting in the way and unlock our next level of creative potential.

I’m calling it “The Expansion Experience” and just have a feeling in my bones that it will be next level to anything I have ever created before.

And it will be an experience. I absolutely love taking people on an inner journey, waking them up to all of who they are, to what’s possible for them when they access their authentic creative self, when they unlock their next level of creative potential … it’s, well … expansive!

And this is the heartbeat of everything I’m creating.

“Your life is about to change, Clare Louise is powerful in unblocking creative energy” – Julia Louise

“Clare Louise unleashed an inner creative in me I never even knew existed” Deana Louise Hewitt

“Learning the power of connection will change the way you create forever – it is by far the most powerful thing you will ever learn” Kathryn Chapman

This is just some of what people experience when they retreat with me. And the shifts that have happened in their lives since have been tectonic.

And this year … I’m taking it up another level.

I have just 3 spaces left. Are you ready?


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