Why Creating Creativity®

Why Creating Creativity®?


It all started with YOU, the survey you completed those summer moons ago. Those questions you answered, those challenges and frustrations you shared, your honesty, your truth … and as I read through it all, all my answers were in there too. Your answers pointed me in the direction of how I could really help you make a difference to your creativity, they also showed me loud and clear that we are all connected in our struggles, challenges, fears and frustrations … you are not alone.

92%  said your biggest challenges were found in personal blocks (limiting beliefs, fear, overwhelm, anxiety, confidence, feeling stuck)

73% wanted to develop more as a creative

78% said that the ingredient you want to add more of in your work was a soft skill, emotion, authenticity, creative voice, tone

90%  believe your creative development is linked to your personal development

68% of you don’t spend enough time on personal or creative development

72% want to shoot more passion projects

I took all this onboard and went on my own creative journey looking for my more to help you be more. These last six months I’ve been working it out, what my next steps were to enable me to help you from my place of authenticity. I’ve been learning, expanding, discovering, exploring, creating and working out how I pull all of me together to follow my passion – helping you connect to your creativity, authentically and follow your dreams through the discovery of the creative self.

It wasn’t an easy journey. To get where I needed to go I had to let go, breakdown my own limiting beliefs, rise above my stumbling blocks and face my fears, my truth, step up and make it real. It’s been tough, messy and magical … boy do I feel alive, more alive than ever before. And as I followed my passion, followed my creativity as it called me from afar those many moons ago, I stepped up and made a promise to myself, to you, to creativity … to do all I could to help others discover, explore and develop their authentic creativity.

To inspire, empower, create

I’ve created workshops, coaching packages, online courses, a retreat, blogs, inspirational quotes for you, for me, with love.

I’ll be in touch soon with more


Life lesson 14 : follow your heart