You are meant for more

March has gone so fast and April is swiftly moving through and I want to pause and celebrate before another week is out and it all gets well, forgotten.
One of my greatest joys in life is seeing people step into their more. There really is something magical about witnessing the unfolding, the growth and transformation as we step into our potential, find the courage to follow our dreams.

I’m a huge believer in dreams, having one, living one, making them happen and the journey they take you on as we stretch and grow into them every step of the way.

My dreams have taken me on adventures I never thought possible. They bring me alive in a way that fills my soul with such a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose and make my heart sing, I can’t imagine living life any other way now. And it’s what I love most about what I do today as a change maker and dream shaper. I am so passionate about helping others step into their magic so they too can realise their dreams.

But its not for the feint hearted, following your dreams, especially for those of us who lack self belief, struggle with imposter syndrome, overwhelm, anxiety – it’s a journey that will, If you are committed to doing the work, take you to the depths of your own soul and the heights of your own possibilities … and learning to navigate that path of in-between is crucial.

The more I do this work – the more inspired I am by the women I get to work with, their commitment, passion and courage to do what it takes, to do what it takes. And, I love more than anything watching them step off their cliff and fly.

From retraining to become counsellors, art therapists, using the power of authentic creativity to empower other women, to bring healing, to bring inclusion and diversity into corporate companies, creating movements that are having massive impact on people lives. Creating apps that beautifully embrace how we want to leave this planet and the messages we want to leave behind for our loved ones. To writing books, setting up training companies or the business they always dreamed of, to uplevelling the business they already have so they can make more of an impact doing what they love, to being invited to work in countries they only dreamt of, to setting out on their own life’s adventures … leaving behind their old stories and becoming the women they never knew they could be, yet on some level always knew they were meant to be.

I’ve watched them grow from feeling lost, like they have nothing to say or give, to not feeling like they deserve to have a dream or even know what to dream – to being invited to public speaking engagements in major industry events, being invited to speak on radio 5 live, facilitating workshops to national charity organisations to help with wellbeing, being interviewed by industry greats about their work, earning more in one shoot than they were in a week, to completely reimagining their lives and living the life they always wanted as they realise their potential is limitless.

And I want to share their stories, tell their stories, celebrate their stories, for them, for me, for you and I’m putting it out here that I’m committing to creating a podcast in the not too distant future to do just that.

Because your dreams matter, your potential matters – and if you are sitting in the discomfort right now, feeling lost, disconnected, held back by your fears, caught up in lack of self belief and those stories that keep you stuck, then this is for you and I want you to know that you too are meant for more.

With love xx