You are not alone

In 2016 I conducted a survey with creatives from multiple disciplines across many continents and what came back took me by surprise.

When I broke it down there were 3 things screamed at me - and I knew I had to do something about it.

One of the things that jumped out at me was that 77% said they were held back by their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs and that the biggest problem they faced were internal factors such
as confidence, fear of failure and lack of self belief. Imposter Syndrome high - confidence low.

This impacted how they were showing up as a creative business owner, and as they undervalued who they are and what they do it influenced everything, from the clients they attracted, how they showed up as a creative, what they created, to what they shared and how much they got paid.

Those results:
Reflected back at me my own struggles as a human being and how they impacted me as a creative
Made me realise that we as an industry were focussing on the symtoms and not the root cause and question why we weren’t doing more about it
Made me step up - take responsibility - realise I was one of those ‘we’s’ and to listen to that part of me that was screaming at me to ‘do something!’

Six years after that survey, a whole lot of training, research, over two decades of both being and doing the work, measuring the results and creating from this space - what I know for sure is that it’s who we are being that matters.

The women I get to work with show me that time and time again too.

For instance, there's those who have never given themselves permission to have a voice and struggle to express themselves and how that suppression is holding them back - afraid to take the lid of their own box for fear of what lies beneath (I hear you) and when they do the power that’s released, the impact that has, the transformation that takes place - in ALL areas - as they give themselves permission to be seen and heard - and finally begin to ask for what they want from their lives and for their lives, even if thats the space to figure that out.

Then there’s that ‘imposter syndrome’ and that feeling of never being good enough, lack of confidence and self belief that underpins everything - that keeps you playing small, second guessing everything you do, the fear of being seen and heard debilitating - even when you are achieving great things (yes … been there and done that too).

How it impacts your success and leaves you living with that ache inside you that there is something more, something missing and you have no idea how to find it … and the massive, and I mean massive impact in all areas of your life that happens when you do and step into your potential and embrace your own possibilities.

Then there’s those who could never quite make their businesses work - not because they weren’t doing all the things they thought they should be doing but because they never gave it a second thought they could do it any other way - and if they did, daren’t even contemplate doing what they longed to do - until they did - and now they are moving mountains as they realise their potential.

Creating Art
Creating Change
Creating Businesses that enable them to make a living, make an impact doing what they love.

We’ve got to stop normalising our lack of self belief, self doubt and fear and accepting that this is the way it has to be and start listening to that part of you whether it’s a whisper or a roar, that knows that there is another way … even if you can’t see what that is right now.

We’ve got to take away the shame of owning that this is how we feel, that regardless of where we are on our path - no matter how successful we are - that not feeling good enough and lack of self belief, anxiety, overwhelm, the mess and chaos that comes from that is something we have to live with and stop letting that fear of being judged (by ourselves as much as anyone else) get in the way of our growth, our success and the fulfilment we deserve.

We’ve got to stop pretending that we’re ok and that this is enough when deep down inside we know it’s not and learn to sit in the uncomfortableness of those feeling - recognise that untapped potential that is ready to emerge doesn’t always look or feel inspirational and empowering - sometimes we have to sit with the mess, listen to ourselves on a deeper level and move through it, rise from it, and in time, shine with it.

We’ve got to prioritise and value self growth and self worth.

No-one deserves to feel trapped in their own Self

No-one deserves to live a life held back by their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.

No-one deserves to life a life not knowing, experiencing what was possible for them.


As a creative whose getting out there, who wants to make a living doing what you love you have to recognise that YOU are the heart of everything you do and at the heart of ALL you create is you - and we’ve got to grow whose at the heart of you for your creative potential to flow.

If you are ready to stop letting self doubt hold you back, to start believing in you - trust in your creative path and do more of what you love then this is for you.


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