Your dreams deserve your devotion

Your dreams deserve your devotion

If lockdown has reminded me of anything it’s this.

As that path to coming out of lockdown unfolds, it’s important to remember those dreams and hold onto them, making sure they don’t get lost in the rush to normality.

As we are all gearing up to move, getting ready to propel forwards, reconnect, turn the wheel, there’s a charge in the air that makes my skin prickle with excitement.

The space created by lockdown has gifted time. Time to pause, and for me, to evaluate my dreams, reshape my path, reimagine my business, replenish my soul. A gift to me, my future, my dreams, and as the wheel begins to turn and we open back up there’s a pull towards the new way of being the world is asking us to take.

It asked me to enjoy life more, to press pause and make time for what brings me joy. It asked me to grow, to step up and make a stand for what I believe in and contribute to the wider community. It’s demanded I find my tribe and create a home for it. It asked me to create, create from my heart, create what I’ve been yearning to create, afraid to create, not had time to create, have been too busy to hear the call to create. It asked me to let go, shed the deadwood, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and create from this space.

And more than that, it asked me to prioritise what I know in my heart to be true, destabilise the thinking that gets in the way, to sit heart and centre with my Self and show up from this space. To explore, create and keep listening to that dream and following the creative call. It’s asked me to stretch and grow, to level up.

I’m remembering my ‘no mores’ honouring my ‘yes ands’ and am stepping out into the new world from this space.

Your dreams deserve your devotion … and the world deserves your dreams.

It’s time

What are you leaving behind? What are you taking with you into this new way of being you are about to step into? What excites you?