Creative Block

Groundbreaking research with CEO’s and their executive teams, world class athletes, Stanford students and over 500,000 participants in over 50 countries uncovered 10 well disguised mental saboteurs (the limiting personas) These studies show that 90% of us are listening to those negative voices of the limitng personas 80% of the time.

These inner conversations we are having with ourselves form our limiting beliefs - a belief or decision we make about ourself and our perception of the world around us that limits the way we live, create and run our businesses. Sometimes we are aware, sometimes we are not - those voices form that silent whisper of self doubt and fear that underpins everything we do.

Authentic creativity reminds us that we are here to live a more meaning life, to expereince life rather than exist in it. As creative entrepreneurs and artists we have to recognise how important our creative Self is and recognise it as THE most valuable asset we have and learn to understand our archetecture so we can navigate the ebb and flow of creativity.

You are at the heart of your creative practice and at the heart of everything you do is you. We've got to build the person at the heart of the business for its creative potential to flow.

Understand the root cause of how we limit our creative potential and what blocks our authentic creative flow

Take a deep dive and explore how you get in our own way, limit your possibilities and steal your own creative potential. Together we shine a light on the often unconscious limiting personas that block creative flow, limit creative potential and disconnects us from our authentic creative self.

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Your dreams, your life will only ever go as far as your limited Self can take them. Our potential isn't just held back by the fears we know, they are stifled by our unconcious incompetence ... what we don't know we don't know.

Our future depends on our ability to adapt as a creative thinker, our art requires us to become more meaningful and connect deeper to ourselves and the world around us.

Creativity drives innovation in all areas of our life as well as our creative practice. As human beings we've got to build our creative muscle and shift from the logical left brained appraoch that is stifling our creative growth.

As creative entrepreneurs its crucial that we understand our creative architecture, how we hijack the creative self and navigate the ebb and flow of creativity.


Creativity is one of the greatest sought after skills in the 21st century and the most in demand soft skill for all businesses in todays world.

We have to redefine our approach to creativity and shift our focus from a doing approach, placing a higher value on emotional and creative intelligence - who we are being and the mental blocks that get in the way of our creative success.

How are you limiting your own potential and stealing your dreams?
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Sarah struggled with imposter syndrome. After a challenging event she left a career she loved and lost confidence in who she was.

When we explored the roles her saboteurs played, Sarah was able to move beyond her fears, doubts and limiting beleifs, pick her passion back up and make a difference doing what she loved.

Today Sarah is leading a movement in education helping burnt out teachers find themselves again.

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Julia was blocked creatively, totally shut down and unable to express herself creatively through her art work.

When we identified the impact the sabotuers played and created strategies to manage them Julias creativity came flooding back after years of being shut down and blocked.

Today Julia believes in herself, has unlocked her potential and is following her dreams, training to become a counsellor so she can bring all parts of her together as an art therapist using all mediums including photography.

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Shell is an incredibly gifted and talented artist who dreamt of setting up her own business selling her creative work. She didn't beleive in herself and was stuck in a fear mindset.

Shell was able to see how her mindset was getting in her way and the impact the limiting personas had on her dreams; and implement strategies to manage the negative self talk and limiting beliefs.

Today Shell is setting up her dream business and has local, national and international commissions for her work.