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Creative flow is a precious mental resource that enables us as human beings to find fulfillment in our lives and we move from surviving to thriving.

Learning how to access, maintain, protect and maximise our creative potential is crucial for 21st century living.

Creative flow is a state of being, its not a doing action, what we create in all areas of our lives is the direct result of who we are being in the moment and how connected we are to this part of us that time has forgot.

To enable us to realise our creative potential we've got to build the creative muscle AND redevelop who we are as a human being, recognising its the soft skills that hold the key.

When we channel that flow state and align it to who we are as an authentic creator life has purpose, our creative practice has purpose, we find movement, clarity and direction and lead a fulfilling life, doing what we love.

As we learn to understand and master our creative architecture, the ebb and flow of the creative path and how creative block, creative recovery and creative flow are all a part of that path we build the inner resources we need to take ownership of our lives and make our dreams happen.

We are all creative. Even when we think we aren't.

Authentic creativity flows when we are connected to the fullness of ourselves.

Creative flow is our peak state and connects us the unique source of unlimited creative resourcefulness we each have within us.

We can use it to find solutions, to access  higher order thinking skills. We can use it as a form of expression to connect us deeper to the world around us.

We can use it to be the difference we need to stand out in our businesses and connect deeper with our clients.

How we choose to express our creativity matters ... we've got to place higher value on learning to align to, nurture and grow our authetnic creative self.

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As we understand our creative architecture we are able to consciously access all parts of ourselves and build the inner resources to ensure we live an empowered, authentic and creatively fulfilling life.

Recognising the archetypes we are supressing is equally as important as knowing the archetypes that are currently more dominant. When we recognise the unqiue qualities within us that sets our soul on fire we can bring all parts of us together and move fowards with purpose, passion and a plan.

Discover the magic within.

As we develop and expand our creative range we create deeper connections to our Self and the world around us and we create from this space.

Our creations have more meaning, our creative practice becomes more meaningful, and we connect with others at a deeper level through our art or craft.

Creative expression, no matter how that looks and feels like for you as an individual, is a fundamental part of our make up as a fully functioning human being, critical to our sense of self worth, meaning for life and personal and spiritual growth.

When we align who we are with what we do in an authetnic and creaitve way we build a business with soul. As creativity flows through our business we are able to adapt, grow and flow in a more meaningful way.

Authentic creativity gives our business a voice, understanding, empathy, meaning, clarity, direction and is the fuel that drives our business forward with purpose, passion and plan.

The Conceptual Age demands that our business is more than results and data ... and as our clients start looking for more, love becomes the new ecomony.

We can only take our life, our art, our clients, our business, our dreams as far as we are prepared to take our Self.

Those of us who are running a business reliant on accessing any number of our creative resources know the importance of being in creative flow and the impact being out of flow has in all area's of our lives and the pain and disruption that often comes with that.

Our lives, our creative output and creative businesses are so closely intertwined, that when any one is out of alignment, the ripple effect is powerful and if not addressed can be catastrophic.


It all starts with you ... are you ready?
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Mark was so caught up in the doing that he had totally lost sight of who he was being in his life and what mattered.

He was in creative burn out, his fuel tank so low he was caught up in a battle he could never win.

"Now I am doing things that matter and that make a difference, enjoying things again and this is now bringing me the success I was after."

Mark now looks at life in a whole new light and a lot happier for it. His business is going from strength to strength as he has a new found love for it.

On the otherside of imposter syndrome Kathryn found her voice and meaning in her creative work and with her creative work. Aligning her creative practice to who she is being and her life purpose has been like rocket fuel for Kathryn and she stepped in and up to her creative call.

She’s charging what’s she’s worth and is comfortable with that. Her creative work has been featured in exhibitions in London, her businesses mission has got the attention of Mind. She’s a woman on purpose who is now doing impactful work, growing her business from local children’s portrait work to developing a creative process through photography that’s landed her a live instagram interview with Rankin, a world renowned photographer.


Uta felt so lost and disconnect from her sense of self that she didn't know who she was anymore. She didn't have a voice.

Through the journey of self discovery Uta  reconnected to her authentic creative self and  found the passion and autheniticity she longed for. This rippled through to her creative work and when we aligned this with her business she build a business with soul.

Today Uta has a powerful creative and business voice that is in alignment with who she is being and is making a difference to womens lives doing what she loves.