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Resources to help you stay connected to your authentic Creative Self and look deeper into who you are being and who you are becoming

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Collection One


The Power of You

A beautifully illustrated book, journal and archetype cards to guide you through the journey to authenticity.

Exploring the three levels of creativity, the steps to authenticity and who you are being as a creator, this book invites you to develop your leadership range for creative, personal and professional development.




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Collection Two


Inspiration & Reflection Deck

A set of 52 Illustrated guidance cards to help promote creative intelligence, authenticity, bring clarity, peace of mind and a greater sense of purpose.

These cards are accompanied by a guided journal, a sacred space for inner conversations and inspired movement in your creative practice.



This book is like a life companion, for me it’s a constant guide book, something I will have in my bag or at my bedside to pick up whenever I need to focus on areas of my life that needs attention. There is so much wonderful and enlightening information to absorb, learning so much on each page. It’s been like a training manual for me, it’s all really resonated with me. Already I am seeing my world differently and the view of possibility I can achieve in my life. It has given me hope.


Lisa Visser Fine Art Photographer

These cards are really thought provoking, emotive and creative. They are a call to action to create change.

Sometimes I have a habit of riding though life and creativity on automatic pilot. This book and cards really stopped me in my tracks and made me take a good hard look at what I was doing and what I could draw upon to feel happier, more creative and more peaceful.

Lisa Visser Fine Art Photographer


This book is at another level. Never ever before have explanations so resonated with me, it feels as if the words talk to me directly and I have a deeper understanding of who I am as a creative.

Whenever I doubt myself I use this book as my guidance. If you’re ready to be truly, deeply, guided, this set is for you.

Abby Wilkes Soul Essence Branding Photographer

Clare Louise brings her magic together in this stunning, thought provoking, beautiful visual deck of cards that enables you to let go of the ego and feel your way to your answers. Basking in the presence of the now, go with the flow and trust the appropriate cards will present themselves to you.

Abby Wilkes Soul Essence Branding Photographer