Flying without wings

Have you ever noticed how, when you connect to your heart, your dreams, life flows freely through you and somehow, quite effortlessly, it begins to soar, taking you in directions that you never new existed … let alone possible.

There is no drama, in fact quite the opposite, a sense of stillness flows from within, a knowing, and like a compass, somehow your heart guides you in the right direction.

How do we stay connected? It’s not easy, especially when daily life gets in the way. Its so easy to put YOU to the back burner, to not have the space to think, feel and just take that time out for you. When we are on that back burner our dreams shrink, our confidence dissipates, and all that we once thought possible becomes a distant memory.

For me, that sense of connection, freedom, inner peace and happiness that comes when I flow freely from my heart can be found in creating, reading, writing, walking, nature, meditation, thinking, being curious about life, helping others and just plain old day dreaming … it is here my soul sours and marvels at the world as I connect with the endless possibilities of imagination, creativity and all that is.

So how do you reconnect to you? When did you last gift yourself that much needed me time?

When we flow with our hearts magic, we serve our purpose and live life in a way we are meant too.

By putting aside some real me time, giving ourselves permission to disconnect from everyone and everything else around us and gifting ourself the time and space needed to think, feel and reconnect with our hearts, we begin to find that fulfillment, that sense of inner peace and freedom that comes from deep within as we re-ignite our passion, centering ourselves to the core of who we are.

Life’s magic is found in you, simply by connecting to your hopes and dreams, your passions, your hearts desires, acknowledging them, believing in them and taking inspired action to manifest those thoughts into a reality.

When you connect to YOUR dreams, your purpose, whatever that may be, you find your courage, your passion, your happiness and your reason to keep pushing yourself beyond what you know and feed yourself the natural highs of life as you learn, love and grow.

Take some time to ask yourself this … If you loved and believed in yourself 100% what would you do in your life and with your life?

Reconnect to your dreams and fly without wings.

Remember … life’s magic is found at the heart of all of who you are … be your own kind of beautiful xx

The Winged Messenger Meditation