Personal Development – What Makes You Tick?

What Makes You Tick?

Personal Development

Transformational change doesn’t come from changing yourself it comes from becoming your self. Personal development is about understanding more about who you are, what you love, hate, what drives you and excites you, what stops you, slows you down, what you’re passionate about, knowing where you don’t belong so you can create a space that feels right for you to belong in. Who are you ? What makes you ‘tick’ ?

When we understand ourselves more, deeper we become conscious creators of our future, take bigger actions and truly begin to follow our dreams and make them our reality. We are able to shape our life to fit our own unique mold rather than try to squeeze our life inside a predetermined expectation of who we think we should be and what we think we should be achieving. The same goes for our businesses. Society has created a culture that provides labels for everything that we so often find ourselves measuring our self against. When we don’t match up to those labels it can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, weird, different and we start to shrink and shy away from those unique parts of us that are needed so much in our worlds.

I know from personal experience what it feels like to not fit inside that box of expectation, other peoples perceptions of who you are, what they want you to be and what they think you can achieve, to be surrounded by people whose personal values do not match your own, to be told your too this and too that … it cripples your confidence, breaks your spirit and can create environments that are toxic rather than thriving. I also know what a difference it makes to be around people who believe in themselves enough to believe in you, to champion those unique qualities they see in you that were never meant to fit inside any box, but take on a whole life of their own and light you up and those around you.

I believe that deep inside of us all there is a longing for more, something deeper, richer, more expansive, something that lasts a lifetime when you’ve found it, leaving you with an inner knowing, a sense of peace, fulfillment. Happiness doesn’t come from what we acquire, we all know this and we all probably know someone who has everything they need on the outside yet are living an unfulfilled life on the inside. Happiness comes from becoming who you are, from unlocking the powerful force inside you that releases life’s magic that makes our visions, dreams and hearts desires a reality.

I’ve attached a short workbook for you to get to know you that little bit more, some reflective questions and exercises to explore your personal values, you can download this here. I’ve also created a recording for you which you can listen to here.

In my next blog I’ll be exploring the six human needs.


Whilst your here, take this free personality test by 16 I highly recommend it, there’s a brilliant report at the end of it that will give you deeper insight into you.


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The Creator – awaken your dreams and the leader in you

Creative Voice – the value of knowing and aligning personal values and business values

Creativity – connect to your authenticity and discover the hidden picture within

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