The Power of You – Product Review

The Power of You is a beautifully written highly insightful must have book.

It is a powerful tool for those wishing to understand their inner self and what may be holding them back. It gives clarity, focus and understanding. It explores the three levels of creativity, authenticity and who you are.  It enables you to work through at your own pace, understanding along the way how you can make changes in the areas of your life you may wish to change. I feel that this book is not just for creatives, it is for anybody who wants to better understand themselves and others.

You learn so much from every single page. I’ve used this book not just for my photography business but also for launching a brand new business. When you think you can’t do something – pick up this book and work through the relevant chapter.  The chapter “the Saboteur” was hugely enlightening for me.

This book is designed to be used with the archetype cards. Exploring the different archetypes was fascinating and I could definitely recognize my own traits.

Don’t for one moment think this book is a “read it, done it” book – this is a book to be treasured, explored, and a lifelong tool.

Clare Louise writes from the heart. Her introduction is particularly poignant and I love the honesty with which she writes.

This is without doubt a must have book, for creatives, whatever their field, but also for anybody out there wishing for more focus and vision.


Melanie East One of The UK’s Leading Newborn Photographers & Trainer