The Winged Messenger – The Hermes Meditation

The Winged Messenger

Connect with your guides and inspirers and uncover the secrets the universe has in store for you. A spiritual development session focused on connecting with the angelic realms, crossing the bridge to find your souls purpose. This meditation is accompanied by a Journaling session to inspire great thought as you transition through the next phase of your personal development.

Light some candles, have your journal and your pen to hand … Close the door and press the pause button to the outside world, and as you sit down and make yourself comfortable … connect to all of who you are.

Listen to The Winged Messenger meditation here

Journaling Session

When the meditation has finished gift your self 15 minutes and ask your self some questions … what is my purpose? what is my next step? where am I meant to be right now? show me how you are helping me take this journey … ask for all the answers you need right now to download so that you may trust in the universe and walk the path it is asking you to take with courage and purpose … ask your angels for your sign so when you are in faced with challenges and are unsure of your next steps, or if you are going in the right direction, your angels can communicate with you in a way you will understand and reassure you that you are traveling in the right direction … ask for words of reassurance as you take these next steps with courage … ask your own burning questions, be curious and as you let the words flow without thought, know that now, more than ever, you have all the answers you need within you, stay connected and let the words dance from your heart and onto the pages of your journal …

Life’s magic is found in the heart of all of who you are x


I’d love to hear how you find the meditation and am really interested in knowing what other meditations you might like to hear, feel free to share your thoughts.


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