Creative Recovery

In 1968 a study of 1,600 five year old children was carried out by George Land a systems scientist who founded a reasearch insititue to study the enhancement of creative performance. The children were tested using the same process that NASA uses for their selection process of innovative engineers and scientists. At five 98% of the children registered genius levels of creativity.

Retesting the same children at 10 and 15, this level of cretive genius dropped alarmingly to 30% by the age of 10, and 12% at aged 15.

This same text has been used on over 280,000 and placed their creative genius level at just 2%

This study shows that non creative behaviour is infact learnt behaviour> As we grow into adulthood we become separated from a part of who we are as a fully funtioning human being.

We've got to change our approach, we got to build the creative muscle and develop the soft skills required to unlock our creative potential and access the parts of us we have lost.

Find your voice.

Re-connect to the Creative Self and create deeper connections to the world around you through the power of authentic creativity

As we step into creative recovery we build a healthy relationship with our ego and remember who we are on the other side of our fears, blocks and limiting beliefs. Go deeper and explore how to reconnect to the Creative Self and consciously expand your creative range by exploring the five creative styles

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Find you, reclaim your authetnic self

Explore who am I on the other side of the limiting personas and the busyness of doing

Reconnect to your authetnic creative self

Discover what matters and find your purpose

Explore the five creative styles and expand your creative range develop your creative voice

Create more meaningful and authentic work

Create deeper connections and more meaningful work doing what you love

Align who you are being, your authentic creative voice with your business purpose and build a business with soul

Explore whats possible and find clarity and direction

Create a sustainable businesses doing what you love

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Alessandra was caught up in the busyness of life and running a succesful business and had lost her Self in the process. The result of that was that she was unfufilled in all areas of her life, personally, creatively and professionally, feeling like she was just going through the motions.

She was confused with no idea of what to do next or where to turn. Working together enabled Alessandra to reconnect to Self, to feel alive again, and that passion rippled through into all areas of her life. Today Alessandra has the business she always dreamed of and made transformational change in all areas of her life.

Deana longed to create work with more soul and authenticity.

Through personal development and creative exploration Deana has unlocked the creativity that she never knew existed, creating work that flows from deep within her soul. Deana no longer looks outside of her Self for inspiration and ideas and is creating work that sets her soul on fire.

Deana has since won an award with her new  found creative work and is reimaginging her business as she opens her Self up to what's posible

Miranda longed to follow her passion and build her dream business. When we aligned who she was being with what she was doing from a place of authenticity Miranda's whole world opened up and she began doing more of what she loved.

Today Miranda is building her dream working as a leading wellness coach, her podcasts and meditation classes are in the same speaker lineup as household names such as Opera and Robbie Williams and she’s just been given her own radio slot to present a health and well being show, all whilst being an amazing mom to Max.