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How do I create a business with soul?

'We are both works of art and artists at work'

Erwin Raphael McManus - Cultural Pioneer

As creatives our businesses are often born from our
passion, one client leads to another and before we know it we are running
busy lives and businesses. Yet that feeling of success often still eludes
us, hard work replaces passion, our time is taken up making money doing too
many of the things we don't love and we can easily fall out of love with our
businesses or even worse, give up before we've even really got started and gave our businesses a chance to flourish.

That getting started, whether it is creating change within your business, starting up a new business or a new business project, these times can often feel like a mine field. The frustration and confusion of the not knowing and the unknown often creates anxiety and overwhelming feelings that trigger our limiting beliefs, holding us in fear of taking our next step.

A business without intention can often end up owning us, spiraling out of
control, dictating to us its demands. We find ourselves wasting time,
energy and valuable resources trying to work out what our business needs, sapping our energy, creating
anxiety, feeling stuck, burying our heads and killing our creativity.

We attract clients we
don't want, work that doesn't fulfill us and financial burdens and before long can begin to resent
what was once our dream business.

At the heart of your business is you, whilst your business is a reflection of your talents and passions it is also held back by your confusion, your fears, your limiting beliefs, and those gaping holes in what you didn't know you needed to know.

By looking closer at you, your business and taking that all important time to create the solid foundations for your business is how we grow a business with soul.

Are you ready to empower your passion and create your vision for success?

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Coaching Programme

Build an authentic business that aligns with your personal values

Have clarity in who you are as a business and where you want it to be

Create a confident business where people can recognise the value of what you offer

Take your business to the next level

Design your unique blueprint to success

Be fiercely courageous ... it's time to step up and be recognised

Build a business with soul - love what you do


Connect to all of who you are, understand and connect your personal values to your business values

Remove limiting beliefs, connect to your passion, hopes and dreams, creating from a space of empowerment

Know your clients, their challenges and frustrations, how you serve them and how they want you to show up

Grow your business building powerful partnerships

Build your business map and move in the right direction

Thrive in the heart of your business




Imagine how it would feel to have clarity, confidence and know your direction

Imagine how it would feel to do what you love everyday and achieve it from a place of passion

Imagine how it would feel to build a strong authentic brand that resonated with your creativity

Imagine how it would feel to be known by your clients for doing the 'thing' you love

Imagine how it would feel to be in control of your business and be efficient, effective and productive every single day

Imagine how it would feel to KNOW who you are as a business and operate it from a place of purpose

It's time to begin and take those first steps ... you are enough


Unlock whats holding you back, remove confusion, frustration and anxiety, growing your business from a place of vitality and confidence

Connect to your passion, your values, your dreams creating a business with soul, passion and aliveness

Let your authenticity lead the way allowing your business to stand out from the crowd

Connect with clients who love what you do so you can do more of what you love

Be focused, accountable and driven

Challenge your business to be the MORE you always knew it could be


Be You, Be Connected, Be Seen

Create a confident business

Find focus and gain clarity on your next step

Create a business with soul that shows up each day with passion

Create a plan of action that gives your business momentum

Know your business with confidence and thrive

Be accountable for your business of today and who you want it to be tomorrow

See solutions and not problems and grow your business from this space

Have fun and be playful, showing up each day with passion

Love, sweat and tears ... own them, it's time to thrive

Inspire your passion, empower your soul, create the life you desire

A Story of Success


Michele Sinclair

Why did you choose Clare Louise’s Creating Creativity® coaching programme?

I had noticed since I set up my photography business, photography has become my ‘job’. I had lost a bit of my creativity which made me sad. I felt like I was going through the motions to earn money. I need to reconnect to my passion and why I started my business in the first place. My dream is to win awards for my work.

How many session did you have?

Six sessions. Each session lasted between an hour and an hour and a half. I found it really helped me having them the same time each week. it allowed me to get into a routine and really focus on Me.

Did the work set in-between the sessions benefit you?

Yes. I really benefited from it. I started thinking deeper, and was able to implement changes outside of the sessions. I started taking more of the pictures I wanted to take and less of the pictures I thought I had to take!

When did you start to feel the benefits?

After the first session. I started to visualise pictures that I wanted to take for a panel of qualification images. I had reconnected to parts of me that I thought were lost, the fun feisty me came back! I didn’t realise how much of me I had shut myself off too. By session two I felt the subtle changes happening as I had reconnected my personal values to my business values. I noticed the difference in me, the passion coming back into my everyday life.

What was your biggest change?

Confidence in my business, I shoot more of what I want an am more in control of my business, I now have a clear idea of where I’m going in my business, I no longer feel like I belong to my business but that my business belongs to me! I’ve started to book time in my diary for me to switch off and have a recharge day without feeling guilty. My passion has returned, my creativity has returned and I feel like I’ve fallen in love with my business again!

I feel great, it feels like the part of me that was missing has returned. I’m making quality me time a priority. I’m scheduling my business so I can make more time and work more efficiently. I’ve had a business spring clean and really evaluated whats important to me and my business and made some big decisions on what I’m going to stop doing and what I’m going to start doing that benefits me.

What was the biggest value in the coaching?

It gave me the big push I needed, and fast. Instead of being on a downward spiral I am on the up. My mind is organised, I have clarity. The coaching has given me structure in my life and my business. My business no longer rules me! I’m able to switch off and now look forward to my working week instead of dreading it. I have guilt free days where I can enjoy doing nothing!

The coaching sessions made me realise my value and pointed out how important it was to take time out for me. This in-turn left me rested and ready for the work ahead. Instead of feeling tired and bored of being a photographer I found my passion again in photography and started taking my camera out on walks with me. The coaching pulled me out of the big stale rut that I had fallen into. I realised that buying more props and backdrops weren’t the answer I was looking for, my own creativity needed to be recharged rather than buy new things.

I remembered the importance of why I started my photography business and what photography meant to me. I’d got so wrapped up focusing on the wrong things I’d forgotten my why!

How long would you recommend in between each session?

Between one and two weeks. No more than that as the impact of this is in immersing yourself in the programme.

What would you tell others?

I am blown away on the impact this coaching has had on me and my business. Clare Louise has this amazing talent to listen, understand and take something that seems so complicated and make it make sense. Her ability to listen and get you relaxed and comfortable to open up is incredible. She truly does shine from the inside, she’s one of life’s inspirations. I 100% recommend this coaching. Her knowledge, expertise and ability to get to the core of a situation is amazing.

Fast Forward … Good New’s

‘I won my first awards, Portrait Photographer and Overall Photographer. I can’t thank you enough Clare Louise for all your work and encouragement. You are amazing!’ x

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