Magic is found in the depths of who you are

Your creative magic is not found outside in the external world, it is found when you look within and open your self up, flowing with authentic creative power

Your creative soul is who you are, it is greater than your physical self, it has your answers. It guides you on a journey, moving you towards your purpose, showing you your magic each time you are in flow with it.

Life leaves us clues, and when we follow the trails of magic that our creativity leaves as it flows from our soul, it shows us the way through our feelings. Our aliveness shows up when we are on the right path.

Are you listening to your magic within?

How are you being alive in your magic right now?




What does this word mean for you?

How does it make you feel?

What's important about the message?

What's your inspired action for the month ahead and why is it important?



Gold Seperator

Journalling is a powerful tool ... it enables us to give the part of ourself a voice that we don't always hear.

These inspiration & reflection cards and journal have been designed to help you connect to your creative spirit, listen deeply to your inner voice, consciously connect to your intuition and take inspired action from this place.

They are a beautiful way to melt with ease into creative recovery - taking us out of the head and into the heart.

They are an invitation to create in your life, your art and your business from this place.

You can purchase the full deck here :


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