And so it has been said to be true, you have the power within you to be all things possible

Your creative spirit knows only what is possible and seeks to lead the way. It weaves its magic full of potential and abundance as it knows no limitations. It is our humanness that is bound by limitation, constricting our creative flow.

So whilst you are feeling confused and overwhelmed do not waste your energy trying to work it all out. This state blocks your natural creative flow, instead shift your focus and connect to the source of abundant creativity that flows freely through you waiting for you to follow its call.

Connect to your creativity from the childlike wonder in you. When you connect to life from this space you find inner peace, clarity and direction and with this new found confidence can step up and out into the world and soar.

You are being asked to show up, to pick up your instrument of choice, to hear your own song and let your inner music play through play and follow its path.

To soar, you must first stretch your wings




What does this word mean for you?

How does it make you feel?

What's important about the message?

What's your inspired action for the month ahead and why is it important?



Gold Seperator

Journalling is a powerful tool ... it enables us to give the part of ourself a voice that we don't always hear.

These inspiration & reflection cards and journal have been designed to help you connect to your creative spirit, listen deeply to your inner voice, consciously connect to your intuition and take inspired action from this place.

They are a beautiful way to melt with ease into creative recovery - taking us out of the head and into the heart.

They are an invitation to create in your life, your art and your business from this place.

You can purchase the full deck here :


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