Discover The Magic Within


Get clear on where you want to be and how you are getting in your own way

Understand how you are holding yourself back and limiting your potential - even when you think you aren’t ... and why it's not your fault

Re-connect to the Creative Self, learn about the five creative styles and how to expand your creative range

Connect to your dreams and the bigger vision you have for your business ... even if self doubt has held you back before

Learn what it takes to move up to your next level and have more impact doing what you love

Make your passion a priority and give your potential permission




When you've taken yourself as far as you can go no amount of business strategy or new creative techniques will unlock your untapped potential. We've got to stretch our edges, challenge our thinking and activate a new way of being.


It's who you are being that matters


Date JUNE 19th - 23rd 2023

7PM - 8PM



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This is for you if ...


You are a passion-led business woman, creative entrepreneur, healer, coach or consultant ... and doing what you love matters to you

You have a dream, a vision for your future and are committed to unlocking your next level of potential ... even if you don't believe you are good enough and self doubt and lack of self belief holds you back

You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore what's possible

You want to step into your next level - and lead a life and business doing more of what you love

Authenticity and Creativity are important to you and you want more of it in your business (and your life)

You are committed to doing what it takes to make your dreams happen

You are ready for more


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