Discover The Magic Within

When we know who we are as a creative, have the courage and self belief to be authentic, everything changes. We find our confidence, our purpose, and with that sense of purpose comes clarity and we begin to move towards what lights us up.

In this workshop we will explore what holds us back as creatives and get clarity on how to move forwards with purpose, explore the three levels of creating and connect deeper to our creativity, our intuition and our authentic voice, know our limiting beliefs and connect to the part of us that drives us forwards with clarity, confidence and self belief.


Open your mind to what's possible


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Full Day Workshop


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Dates :

Monday 11th March 2019

Monday 13th May 2019

Where :

The Print Foundry


10 am start

Challenge your Creativity

The confused creative often looks for the short term fix over a long term solution. Short term fixes are simply sticking plasters, and, as we go from one shiny new toy to another in search of our answers we build frustration, anxiety and fear, layering one feeling of failure on top of another.

Lack of clarity contributes to creative block which leads to procrastination. Lack of purpose, clarity and direction stops creatives from growing in their businesses and reaching their full potential.

In this session we will be exploring the importance of connecting to your purpose and having a plan, we'll be looking at what's holding you back and what drives you forwards.


Disconnection to our authentic creative spirit can suck our inspiration dry, often leaving creatives looking outside of themselves for ideas, adopting other creatives style rather than their own uniqueness.

Our feelings, intuition and our bodies have an expanse of untapped creative resourcefulness that we overlook 99% of the time when we look for creative inspiration. Most creatives follow styles and techniques that are working for others rather than explore their own authentic voice.

In this session we will be exploring the three levels of creativity, the power of deep listening, how we access authentic creativity, intuition and inspiration from this space, learning new techniques to apply in our work.


Many creatives struggle with a wealth of limiting beliefs, reducing confidence in the self, their art and their business. They hold themselves back in the mindset of 'I'm not good enough' and build their businesses around consistently playing safe and become unfulfilled, frustrated, operating from the poor artist mindset.

Lack of self belief disconnects us from who we are, our greatness, our potential, our aliveness, our passion; reducing some creatives to average work, limiting them from exploring and defining their own creative voice.

In this session we will be connecting to your inner power and exploring what's possible from a place of potential.

What you will need to bring

Pen, Paper

An Open Mind

Lunch Included

Teas and coffees provided throughout the day


It's challenging, It's powerful, it's exhilarating

Are you ready to discover the magic within?


This workshop was AMAZING! Very inspirational. You've opened my eyes to what lies within me. I came out energized and ready to connect deeper with myself and others.

Anna Rakounska

Totally AMAZING workshop with a lot of cool tools to use immediately. Thank You!

Cath Bloomkvist


Brilliance is the only word

William Quain

Every word you said, every exercise you did really resonated with me and was exactly what I was looking for! It's as if you have opened a door

Uta Theile

Absolutely brilliant. Made me think more deeply and gave me the correct place to draw my creativity from.

Really enjoyed it - worth the whole weekends admission fee alone! Thank You!

Tony Hale

Really eye opening (Soul opening too)

It was challenging. I learnt a lot about myself and feel very positive and empowered.

Fiona Davies

Very refreshing workshop, not what you'd expect but definitely what you need to stay focused on yourself as a creative.

Navjit Singh Surdhar

Very different. We often come for training to learn new techniques etc and disconnect with this most important part of ourselves, looking within, our intuition and authenticity.


Nicky Putt

Uncomfortable, challenging and empowering.

It felt really good to connect with myself and others on such an unusually deep level. A lot of self belief has come from this.

Ciara Rush

Never experienced anything like it. I'm speechless


Gemma Leahy


Very Inspiring

Sean Azzopard

Blown Away! Very interesting.

A wake up call.

Thank You

Kent Olssan

Challenging and uplifting. It was perfect!

Catherine Jolley

Really inspiring, very challenging, so good for me to do it!

Charlotte Machin

I enjoyed every minute of this soul searching workshop. My first step towards unlocking my creativity!

Suzanne Muscat

WOW! Way more spiritual and in-depth than I expected, definitely made me think about how I interact with my clients!

Ginny Marsh

Different! Made me think and reflect.

Loved it!

Espen Lossivs

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