One To One Sessions

 Following the breakup of my 21 year marriage, I was utterly broken mentally. I went to Clare-Louise for some coaching/healing. She suggested I come with an open heart and mind, and with mild trepidation, I went the following week.

We sat and talked, and in what I can only describe as a slight meditative state, I was asked questions and guided to find my own answers. I experienced heat, tears, shaking and incredible relief and well-being.

I felt almost instantly lighter mentally and physically. I no longer felt drained as I had done for most of the days over the previous months. This feeling continued each week, and with each session I grew stronger. My whole disposition changed. I felt like a warrior able to take on anything. My self-confidence and self worth has improved. My mojo returned, it had been missing for about a year on and off. I got the first job I applied for; I took ownership of the bills for my cottage and dealt with all the debt my ex had left me.

Today I am empowered, strong, independent and mostly untouchable emotionally by the toxic things my ex continues to try and hurt me with. I stand tall and am lighting the way for my two young girls and friends in toxic relationships.

I cannot recommend Clare-Louise highly enough and thank her constantly for helping me find myself.

Eleanor x

What People Say

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Gwenllian Riall

She’ll peel layers off you (with your permission), and you will reveal your creative soul that’s been in hiding away

Nick Doughlin

Clare Louise knows what she’s talking about. You’ll find it easy to open up to her – she sees so much in everyone and will set you on the path to achieving ANYTHING. Read More

Jo Worthington

Clare Louise gets you out of your head and listening to your heart instead. She has this ability to somehow make you feel comfortable even though you’re talking about uncomfortable emotions. She has so much to give and is very generous with her time. Thank you Clare Louise for believing in me, showing me how…

Rebecca Suree

Clare Louise seemed to get deep into the darkest parts of my brain and pulled out my anxieties, which was a huge release. Reconnecting with myself was a massive challenge, Clare Louise pushed me out of my comfort zone. If you’re struggling with self belief, especially when it is doing something that you are passionate…

Paula Smart

Clare Louise is extremely good at reading the subtle difference between what people want and what people need. She is an insightful, soulful, guide who will give you a space to explore those aspects of your creativity that you thought you had lost or that have been dormant for way too long. Read More