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Personal and Creative Development

The Conscious Creator Programme is an immersive deep dive into understanding your personal and creative architecture :

Get to the root cause of what holds you back

Reconnect to your authentic creative self

Explore the five creative styles

Learn tools and techniques to empower who you are being and inspire creative flow ... and so much more.

Limited numbers, group and individual support and accountntability.

Perfect for anyone ready to lead a more heartcentred, purposful and fulfilling life

Authentic creativity is one of the most sought after attributes in the creative industry and also one of the most misunderstood. What we are great at in the creative industry is focussing on the doing actions of a creative practice, what we fail to educate is how to be an authentic creator, how to consciously access the creative self, find our authentic voice, cultivate creative inspiration and create those deep connections that enables us to create impact through our work.

Reshaping Futures, Transforming Lives Through The Power Of Authentic Creativity

This programme will be challenging, it will be inspirational, it will be life giving, it will more than likely be completely different to anything else you’ve tried. It will be creative and immersive. It will open you up to your potential and tap right into your creative flow. It will be step by step so you get to feel the change and embody it, it's not about learning yet another new skill you forget to put into practice - it's about gaining insight and awareness so you can begin to create lasting change.

It's for people at every level of their journey, it doesn't matter what your creative practice is - if you are open minded, are ready to tap into your more, create lasting change, access your potential, tap into your authentic creative flow, get out there and do more of what you love, then this is for you.


Are you ready?
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Creative Block

Understand the root cause of how we limit our creative potential and what blocks our authentic creative flow

Take a deep dive and explore how you get in our own way, limit your possibilities and steal your own creative potential. Together we shine a light on the often unconscious limiting personas that block creative flow, limit creative potential and disconnects us from our authentic creative self.

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Creative Recovery

Find your voice. Re-connect to the Creative Self and create deeper connections to the world around you through the power of authentic creativity

As we step into creative recovery we build a healthy relationship with our ego and remember who we are on the other side of our fears, blocks and limiting beliefs. Go deeper and explore how to reconnect to the Creative Self and consciously expand your creative range by exploring the five creative styles.

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Creative Flow

 Understand your creative architecture and unleash your creative potential

When we listen to our creative call and empower our archetypes and inner leadership team we unleash our creative potential. Harnessing our creative energy and channeling it in the right direction enables us to make a difference doing what we love. Explore your creative architecture and discover the magic within.


Breakthrough research shows that 80% of people sabotage their own effectiveness and happiness by a number of common factors known as saboteurs our limiting personas  - most people are afflicted with a number of those saboteurs.

There are also core positive powers that we all have access to, and when developed, increase our creative and emotional intelligence so we can weaken the voice of the saboteur and strengthen the inner voice of our authentic creative self.

If you don't have a healthy relationship with your mindset, heartset and soulset then you feel the impact of this through anxiety, frustration or unhappiness, blocking the natural creative flow in all areas of your life.

The Saboteurs generate all your negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, self doubt, procrastination and leave you feeling trapped and stuck with no easy pathway out. Awareness is the fastest route out.

The Conscious Creator - an online creative mastermind, gives you a clear understanding of how you hold yourself back in your personal and professional life, builds confidence and self belief, and provides tools and strategies to unlock inspired thought to develop your creative practice and access your authentic creative potential.


16 week group online workshop

Membership to The Creatives Space

Special membership 1-2-1 coaching rates

Ongoing support

Access to a purposeful community






I've just won an award for my work, it came from inspiration in week one of the course and I just had to create it. When I sat down with this I had no idea how it would turn out, or what I was actually going to do, I just had to let what was inside flow out.
Would I have done this without doing this course, absolutely not, this came from inside, from a deep level, not an idea, it just flowed. Thank you Clare Louise - Deana Hewitt

Reconnect to You

Creative Architecture

Community Support

Challenge Your Creativity

Personal Growth

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Payment Options






***Numbers are limited***


Payment options available

One off payment

4 x monthly installments £125.00

16 x weekly installments £31.25


Not sure if this is for you? It's just as important to me to make sure you get everything you need from this programme as much as it is to you. If you have any questions or are unsure if, or how this will help you can book in a discovery call here and we can explore together.


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