Inspiration Days

Inspiration days were, and still are the days that shaped my career as a creative photographer and stylist. They are my game changers. They feed my creative soul and are my dedicated me time to really explore, challenge and push my creative boundaries. I set the scene, and with my team of hair and make-up artists and model we go with the flow and simply create.

It's the most amazing feeling creating images from a part of you that flows freely, connecting to the creator within and using your intuition as a resource to create from.

Working with a team of like minded creatives who are, in that moment, connected to you, your space and your vision, is where the magic happens. This is where it all begins.

I'm opening up my inspiration days for creatives just like you who really want to let their creativity flow. Under my guidance, in very small groups, we'll explore who you are as a creative, work on your challenges and fears, pushing your creative boundaries. I'll guide you, showing you how to hold that space where everyone is connected, then, as you work with a creative team, I will coach you to help conceptualize, create and capture your inspired vision. Through out your shoot we'll fine tune your skills as an image maker, focusing on posing, styling, lighting, but most of all we'll explore the depths of 'feeling' your image, so you can create images with impact.

Days like these are food for any creatives soul, they unlock the parts of you you hear from deep within when creativity calls. There's no need to come with a vision in mind, we'll find it in that moment, if you're feeling creatively blocked, need your confidence building or want to push your creative boundaries then these are the perfect days for you, just bring with you an open heart and mind and be ready to shoot from your soul.

Inspiration Days:

Shooting with Soul

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