If your business is looking for more than mentoring or coaching and you need hands on help putting your plans together, or if you need someone with experience to review your business, advise of those next steps and put a comprehensive plan together, I'd love to hear from you. With a combination of a natural analytical mind and being a solution finder, these skills enable me to look deeper into your business and find effective solutions, creative ideas and simple processes to help your business thrive.

I've been that start up business and grown it, I've navigated other small businesses and a global organisation back from the brink, left behind me strong foundations for others to flourish from. As an advanced business coach, I understand the challenges and frustrations most creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and organisations face enabling me to create effective solutions. I am experienced in moving through uncertain times and difficult situations, I'm committed to the journey it takes to facilitate positive change ... one step at a time.

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tele : 07899747953

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Clare Louise took on the organisation when it was about to collapse, brought about by poor management. Her role has been widespread in its application towards the membership and the board. She restructured many of the internal processes that enable the association to run more efficiently, both in the UK and abroad, especially the Far East.

She has built many strong relationships which has resulted in sponsorship and deals that otherwise would not have happened. She has organised with multinational organisations for the benefit of the association.

Honest and trustworthy and a determination to succeed, a strength sorely needed in our industry.

The Board Of Directors Master Photographers Association


I have worked with Clare Louise for over 10 years and watched her grow from a good photographer to an amazing photographic artist and business woman, from competent and unsure, through tough personal times, Clare Louise has evolved herself and her business acumen to someone who has so many amazing talents to share.

Jeremy Price
Managing Director

Graphistudio UK
Graphistudio Ireland