The Inspiration & Reflection exercise is an embodiment practice where we explore our feelings and use this as both a place to find creative inspiration and growth.

On each page - The Creator and The Perfectionsist - you will be invited to chose 3 words. Once you have journalled your responses to the questions write down the three words that resonate with how you are feeling when connected to this perspective. Don't over think them, there is no right or wrong answer, simply chose whatever comes to mind.

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How to create your Inspiration & Reflection Wheel
Inspiration & Reflection Wheel

1. Take the three words already presented for you on each page along with your own three words and write them in big letters on an A5 piece of paper.

2. Place on the floor in a circle with room around each word to step in and out of that word with space in the center to come back to a neutral position.

3. Have your journal and pen to hand and ensure you give yourself 30 - 40 minutes uninterrupted time to complete the exercise.

4. Listen to the inspiration & reflection recording here.

5. Write down your thoughts from each perspective (word). What are you inspired to create from this space? How will you grow from this space?


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What is a Creative Connection Session?

A Creative Connection session is a 1-2-1 session where we connect deeper to an archetype or shadow aspect and explore for both creative and personal growth. These sessions bring awareness to the whole self through a creative practice, unleashing our authentic creative voice.

Through this form of creative release we are able to face the parts of us that holds us back and embrace who we are becoming as we access our true creative self.

Connecting deeper with our authentic self develops our creative practice in a way that enables us to produce more meaningful work that inspires, fulfills and resonates on a deeper level with ourselves and others.  It pulls us forward to take purposeful action so we can begin to lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life in our personal, professional and creative lives.

It's who you are being that matters ... it all starts with you.


For the next 48 hours these sessions cost £77 for 50 minutes and are one off sessions. More than one session can be booked for deeper exploration.

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Inspiration & Reflection Deck

Cards & Journal for a more creative way of being

A set of 52 Illustrated guidance cards to help promote creative intelligence, authenticity, bring clarity, peace of mind and a greater sense of purpose.

This deck is accompanied with a guided journal, a sacred space for inner conversations and inspired action in your creative practice.

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